BCWL Recovers $29,000 From Scammer

Brisbane Catholic Women’s League Recovers $29,000 After Scam

The Brisbane Catholic Women’s League (BCWL) faced a distressing situation when a scammer drained $29,000 from their accounts.

It all began with a seemingly routine bank notification received by Moira Gardener, the League’s treasurer. A message on her phone requested authorisation for an unfamiliar transaction.

Trusting it was her bank, Mrs. Gardener engaged, unwittingly divulging crucial information.

The BCWL Treasurer reached the scammer, posing as a concerned bank representative, and convinced her to move League funds to her personal account for ‘security purposes’. This left her unaware of subsequent transactions, allowing scammers to exploit the League’s finances.

Overnight, fraudulent transactions occurred, exploiting Mrs. Gardener’s identity to purchase luxury items. The League’s financial safety net vanished. Mrs. Gardener grappled with the weight of the loss and fear of accountability.

Despite initial challenges with the bank, the League, led by Sandy O’Donohue, persisted in reclaiming their funds. After 40 days of uncertainty, the bank relented, agreeing to refund the entire sum.

Mrs. Gardener, haunted by thoughts of what could have been done differently, emphasised the necessity of vigilance. Her advice highlighted the importance of verifying sources, safeguarding sensitive information, and staying alert against evolving cyber threats.

Published 12-December-2023