Concerns Rise Over Unregulated E-Bikes After Alarming Sight on Busy Redcliffe Road

ebike Redcliffe
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A concerning incident involving a child on a non-compliant e-bike in heavy traffic on the Redcliffe Peninsula has intensified calls for stricter regulation of Australia’s burgeoning e-bike industry.

The incident has led to increased advocacy for more substantial oversight within Australia’s e-bike market. 

Ed Hore, President of the Australian Cycling Alliance, has highlighted the danger posed by electric bikes that exceed the speed limits set by Australian law. 

These bikes often feature throttles and can achieve speeds much higher than the legally allowed 25 km/h. Current regulations stipulate that e-bikes must be primarily pedal-assisted and not solely motor-driven.

The suggestions now include the need for a specialised licence and mandatory insurance for e-bike riders to ensure road compliance and safety.

Ebike on Redcliffe
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Rising Incidents and Safety Concerns

The focus on e-bike regulation is sharpened by recent reports from Queensland hospitals noting a dramatic rise in injuries among children using electric modes of transport. In contrast to 14 injuries reported in 2019, last year saw 88 children suffering from significant injuries due to e-bikes and e-scooters.

 This alarming increase underscores a lack of spatial awareness among young riders, which, combined with the high speeds of non-compliant e-bikes, creates a dangerous environment on public roads.

Community Reactions and Enforcement

The community response has been one of growing concern, with many residents and local officials calling for immediate action to address the unsafe use of e-bikes. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions around the “epidemic” levels of e-bike misuse, particularly those equipped with fat tyres that can carry multiple children, toggling dangerously between footpaths and roads. 

Despite sporadic enforcement efforts, the regulatory framework for e-bikes remains unclear, leading to inconsistent policing across different states and territories. The tragedy has ignited debate over the potential for national licensing and stricter regulations as preventive measures rather than waiting for reactionary bans following serious accidents.

The incident in Redcliffe highlighted the risks associated with e-bikes and galvanised opinion on the need for a structured regulatory approach. 

Published 24-April-2024