From Redcliffe Markets to ‘The Voice’: Levi X’s Musical Ascendancy

Levi X The Voice Redcliffe Markets
Photo Credit: The Voice/YouTube

The young and talented Levi X, only 15 years old, recently graced the national stage on Channel 7’s “The Voice.” His participation in the show has not altered his humble approach to music making. Levi’s grounded personality shines through as he continues to embrace the simplicity of his musical roots.

Musical Beginnings: The Saxophone and Family Influence

Levi’s musical journey began at the age of 11, playing the saxophone alongside his father, Ian, at the Redcliffe Markets. This familial partnership has been a cornerstone of his musical development. It’s clear that Levi values the foundation his family has provided in his music career.

Music is a family affair for Levi, with his brother Connor learning the bass to join the ensemble. Their other brother, Gabe, has also been instrumental in expanding their musical repertoire.

Levi is aware of the importance of balancing his education with his musical aspirations. He continues to attend The Lakes College, focusing on completing his schooling while honing his musical talents, including learning the piano.

A Flourishing Repertoire: Over 100 Songs and Counting

Levi’s dedication to music has led to an impressive achievement. Along with his father, they have built a repertoire of over 100 songs, and with his brother Gabe, over 35 songs. This achievement is a clear indication of his commitment and passion for music.

Despite his rise to fame, Levi remains committed to his roots, planning to continue performing at the Redcliffe Markets and other community events. This decision underscores his dedication to the local community that has supported him from the beginning.

“I really love music at the moment. Next year, we’re going to try to focus on writing some songs because that’s something we don’t have at the moment,” Levi shared about his future plans.

Levi X’s journey from the Redcliffe Markets to “The Voice” and back demonstrates his unwavering commitment to his musical roots and his community. With his family by his side and a growing repertoire, Levi’s future in the music industry looks bright and promising.

Published 13-Dec-2023