Historic Suttons Beach Pavilion Demolished Amidst Mixed Reactions

Suttons Beach Demolition

The Suttons Beach Pavilion, a historic and cultural landmark of the Redcliffe community for nearly nine decades, has been demolished, marking the end of a significant era in the bayside suburb’s history.

Located at 50 Marine Parade, Redcliffe, the pavilion was originally constructed in 1937 as a bathing pavilion and has since hosted countless significant life events, from weddings to casual gatherings.

On 27 March 2024, the demolition was executed amidst a wet and sombre atmosphere. It came after the Moreton Bay City Council decided to rebuild the facility following a 2022 assessment by Covey Associates. 

This assessment revealed that the pavilion suffered from structural issues and failed to meet contemporary building standards. Despite discussions about renovation, the council and community ultimately leaned towards reconstruction for practicality and cost-efficiency.

Residents of Redcliffe displayed mixed reactions to the demolition, expressing sadness over the loss of the historic structure and optimism about the future redevelopment.

Photo Credit: Suttons Beach Pavilion Preservation Group/Facebook

The Moreton Bay Council has initiated an architectural design competition, inviting submissions from across Australia to shape the new pavilion’s design. Stages of the competition are already underway.

Extensive community feedback on the site’s future use, preferred architectural styles, and the broader master planning for the park, including potential foreshore activations, will also be undertaken to ensure that redevelopment will accommodate community needs, attract tourists, and support local businesses.

The Project Manager has also replied to the Suttons Beach Pavilion Preservation Group INC, a concerned community group, regarding the progress of the competition.

“We have invited architects via Stage One to submit an expression of interest in the competition and the jury is reviewing those applications,” the project manager stated.

“We are hoping to advise and publish the shortlisted parties on our website in the coming weeks. The shortlisted architects will further develop their designs which will then be seen and reviewed by the appointed jury members, and the winning design will be announced and shared with the community in mid-2024.

“In terms of activity on the site, Council has been diligently working with our contractor to safely demolish the existing Suttons Beach Pavilion Structures. During the demolition works we have discovered a second old floor slab tucked under Pavilion 2 and material under and behind the existing retaining wall behind Pavilion 2. Both issues have now been addressed with the second slab removed and a new section of retaining wall being constructed.”

“Currently, the contractor is carefully anchoring the retaining wall behind Pavilion 1 to maintain bank stability as the building is removed. Demolition of Pavilion 1 is expected to commence in the coming week. Removal of Pavilion 1 will also include the salvage of the red bricks where reasonable and feasible to do so.”

The demolition signifies the pavilion’s physical removal and evokes reflection on the balance between preserving history and making way for progress. As the community awaits the unveiling the new pavilion design, the legacy of the old Suttons Beach Pavilion will undoubtedly continue to resonate with many.

Published 30-March-2024