Rampant Thefts Leave Redcliffe and Woody Point Residents on Edge

Rampant Thefts Leave Redcliffe and Woody Point Residents on Edge

An alarming surge of thefts has swept through Redcliffe and Woody Point. With thefts often targeting high-value items like e-bikes, concerns have arisen about the adequacy of law enforcement resources to combat the escalating crime. 

Two residents – one is a former police officer – of the Waters Edge apartment complex at 18 Woodcliffe Crescent had first-hand experience of this distressing reality. On the morning of 1 August 2023, they discovered that their bicycles and personal items, securely stored in basement lockers, had disappeared overnight, leaving them shocked by the breach of their presumed safety.  

According to their accounts, the alleged thief executed a well-planned heist. Under the cover of the night on 31 July, the offender exploited a plastic mesh in the basement car park, gaining unauthorised access to the storage area. 

Once inside, the alleged offender took one of the resident’s blue e-bike and returned after three hours, this time equipped with loading trolleys, stealing another bicycle and an assortment of belongings.

The security footage captured the thief’s brazen escape. Riding the stolen bicycles, laden with stolen goods in their baskets, the suspect quickly disappeared into a nearby park.

The residents turned to social media, circulating a photograph of the alleged thief on various Redcliffe community Facebook pages. The response was swift and supportive, with fellow victims recognizing the familiar face.

Police authorities have confirmed the allegations, revealing a pattern of break-ins targeting both apartment complexes and standalone homes in Woody Point.

Among them, a vehicle was stolen from Lilla Street, where the thieves exploited an unlocked residence to access keys and flee with the car. Although the stolen vehicle was eventually found on August 5 in Margate, the investigation remains ongoing.

Reports also emerged of stolen property from a carpark at a Sutton Street unit complex in Redcliffe, as well as claims of looted items from a Woody Point unit complex on the night of 31 July. Initial findings suggest a group of thieves gained entry to the storage area and escaped with various items.

The prevailing sentiment of vulnerability strikes a chord with affected residents, who despite living in seemingly secure apartment complexes, find themselves exposed to this escalating thievery.

Published 14-August-2023