Redcliffe Gem Club Prepares for Dazzling Gem Market Day Celebration

Gem Market Day
Photo credit: Redcliffe Gem Club/Facebook

Gem enthusiasts and treasure hunters, mark your calendars! The Redcliffe Gem Club is inviting the local community to their highly anticipated ‘Gem Market Day’ next month at the Redcliffe Showgrounds.

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On Saturday, May 4, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., the showgrounds will be transformed into a sparkling wonderland, as gem traders from across the country will flock to the Redcliffe Showgrounds to showcase an unparalleled array of precious stones, opals, jewellery, and even machinery used for cutting and polishing precious gems.

Whether you’re a long-time collector searching for that elusive gem, or a newcomer to the world of minerals and crystals, the Gem Market Day promises to be a truly enchanting experience. 

Photo credit: Redcliffe Gem Club/Facebook

Stalls will be brimming with glistening gemstones, exquisite handcrafted jewellery, and a diverse selection of rare and unique specimens that are sure to captivate the imagination.

Photo credit: Redcliffe Gem Club/Facebook

Beyond the stalls, visitors will have the opportunity to partake in educational conversations and demonstrations, gaining insight into the intricate processes involved in turning raw stones into stunning works of art. Experienced jewellers and lapidaries will be on hand to share their expertise and inspire the next generation of gem enthusiasts.

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So mark your calendars, gather your friends, and get ready to discover the dazzling treasures that await at the Redcliffe Gem Club’s ‘Gem Market Day’ next month. It’s an event that’s sure to leave you sparkly-eyed and inspired.

Visit Redcliffe Gem Club’s Events Page on Facebook for more information.

About the Redcliffe Gem Club

Photo credit: Redcliffe Gem Club/Instagram

The Redcliffe Gem Club is a volunteer-based community organisation. It is open to all members and visitors who might want to see how they cut and polish precious and semi-precious gems, and then turn them into beautiful pieces of artisanal jewellery.

The club provides instruction and facilities for members to perform a range of lapidary-based activities, precious metal work for jewellery making, and faceting of gemstones.

Visitors can learn to work with soft gems such as opal and jade, or learn to facet gemstones in the club’s faceting workshop. The organisation also offers other activities such as rock slabbing, stone tumbling, and field trips.

Published 15-April-2024