Redcliffe Men to Rally at Redcliffe Jetty for The Man Walk


A group of men from Redcliffe and the nearby suburbs are expected to gather at Redcliffe Jetty for The Man Walk, promoting wellness and camaraderie while discussing diverse topics from NRL to local developments.

The Man Walk Redcliffe will have a session on Tuesday morning, the 9th of July, with a starting point at the iconic Redcliffe Jetty. Participants should gather by 6:30 a.m. for a 45 to 60-minute session of walking and talking.

However, this community-focused event occurs thrice a week: every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It’s a chance for local men to start their mornings with energy, companionship, and engaging conversations.

The Man Walk aims to connect men, strengthen community bonds, and combat social isolation by encouraging regular interactions and physical activity. It is an initiative where men can support each other in a healthy and regular manner, fostering a sense of community through shared experiences and discussions.

Denis Brennan leads The Man Walk in Redcliffe. He is often referred to as the Manbassador, playing a pivotal role in facilitating the walks and fostering a supportive community among the participants.

“[It’s] an absolutely perfect morning with an awesome sunrise to get the weekend underway,” the local Manbassador said. 

The recent gathering was abuzz with discussions ranging from the NRL and electric mountain biking to the latest updates on the 11-story hotel project nearing completion. Topics like whale watching, yachting, and recent victories in the State of Origin were hot on the discussion list, although, notably, golf was absent from the day’s chatter.

The Man Walk Moreton Bay
Photo Credit: TheManWalk

The Man Walk is more than just a physical activity; it’s a platform for sharing ideas, celebrating local achievements, and supporting each other. It began in November 2018 in Kiama, New South Wales, to create a safe space for men to walk, talk, and support each other without judgment. The initiative quickly resonated with men across Australia, establishing The Man Walk groups in different locations. 

Photo Credit: TheManWalk/Facebook

As the movement grew, it gained national attention for its positive impact on men’s health and community bonds. The walks are held in the early mornings, providing a fresh start to the day with physical exercise and meaningful social interactions in a non-competitive, inclusive environment.

Published 5 July 2024