Redcliffe Red Dragon Boat Club Roar to Victory at State Championships

Redcliffe Red Dragon Boat Club Roar to Victory at State Championships
Photo Credit: Redcliffe Red Dragons/Facebook

The Redcliffe Red Dragon Boat Club made waves at this year’s State Championships, securing an impressive haul of five medals.

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Golden performance

Leading the charge, the Senior C Mixed team, comprising paddlers aged 60 and over, clinched gold in the 200m final.

The Dragons’ success extended beyond the gold, with other members bringing home two silver and two bronze medals. Notably, the Senior B Women’s 10s team featuring several first-year paddlers alongside the more experienced members secured a bronze medal.

A club spokesperson praised the team’s performance, attributing their success to the “determination and trust” displayed by all members. The Red Dragons’ achievements reflect their dedicated training regimen, with paddlers honing their technique and fitness up to three times a week.

About the Redcliffe Red Dragon Boat Club 

Founded in 2005, the Redcliffe Red Dragon Boat Club now boasts 70 members from diverse backgrounds. While primarily catering to the over-50s demographic, the club welcomes paddlers of all ages, fostering a sense of community and shared passion for the sport.

The club takes advantage of its prime location, conducting year-round training sessions in the Redcliffe canals and Moreton Bay. This picturesque setting provides an ideal environment for both competitive training and enjoyable recreational paddling.

For Redcliffe residents looking to join a vibrant community sport, the Red Dragons offer regular come & try sessions. New paddlers can take advantage of the Dragon Pass, allowing a free first month to experience the sport before committing.

Community and inclusivity

The club’s community spirit extends to its affiliation with the Redcliffe Pink Snapdragons, a group supporting breast cancer survivors through dragon boating. This partnership underscores the Red Dragons’ commitment to inclusivity and community support.

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For more information about joining the Red Dragons, visit their site here or email them at

Published 26-June-2024