Redcliffe Set to Host the Biggest Brisbane Convoy for Kids 2023

Convoy for Kids
Photo Credit: Brisbane Convoy for Kids

Brisbane Convoy for Kids is set to return to Redcliffe, promising an extraordinary day of fundraising for its beneficiary, children’s hospice Hummingbird House, with truck drivers (and members of the public!) bidding for the honour to be the lead truck in the convoy. 

The Convoy, starting its journey from Larapinta and concluding in Redcliffe, has been steadily gaining traction with more and more truck drivers expressing interest in the coveted top 20 shootout.

In 2022, this event generated a commendable $15,000, allowing truck drivers to engage in a spirited bidding war for the lead truck position, creating a palpable sense of competition.

This year’s event, anticipated to be the most substantial and vibrant yet, is set for Saturday, 4 Nov 2023.

“Brisbane Convoy for Kids is growing every year,” Dana Browne, the Publicity Officer for Brisbane Convoy for Kids, said. “We are continually blown away by the sheer numbers we receive when registering trucks. A key difference this year is the unbelievable amount of interest we have received for our top 20 shootouts.”

“The top 20 shootout is where the truck drivers can register themselves to basically go into a bidding war to be the lead truck. It is a highly sought-after position with last year’s top 20 shootout bringing in around $15,000. 

“Last year, we introduced the ‘sponsor bid’ option, where a member of the public could donate a bid to whichever truck they wanted to see in the top 20 – namely as the lead truck – and this year, we have seen the sponsor bid option become bigger and better than we had imagined possible.”

Family Fun Day in Redcliffe

Once the impressive convoy of trucks reaches Redcliffe, the excitement continues with a lively day at the Redcliffe Showgrounds. The event promises to be a truck enthusiast’s paradise with a dazzling array of trucks on display, ranging from meticulously polished showpieces to rugged workhorses, each a testament to the dedication of their drivers.

“There will be lots and lots of trucks (at the Showgrounds). From big to small, pristine and polished to absolute workhorses. The hours the drivers put in to make sure their trucks look exactly how they want it to look is crazy; blinged out, bright lights, loud horns. We really have it all when it comes to the rigs,” Ms Browne added.

Convoy for Kids
Photo Credit: Brisbane Convoy for Kids

The Redcliffe Showgrounds will not only cater to truck lovers but also transform into a delightful family fun day. Attendees can look forward to free amusement rides and an animal nursery, creating an atmosphere of joy and wonder. Market stalls, food trucks, coffee vans, and various displays will keep visitors entertained and well-fed throughout the day.

As the sun sets, the main stage at the Redcliffe Showgrounds will come alive, led by the charismatic Eric Summons. The highlight of the evening is the performance by the renowned country artist, Adam Harvey, scheduled to take the stage immediately after the 7:10 p.m. fireworks display.

“Throughout the day, we will have our much-loved auction – all items for sale are donated, and all proceeds will go to our beneficiary – Hummingbird House,” Ms Browne said. 

“The passion within this organisation is immeasurable. From our volunteers to our sponsors, our participants, and our members – the passion runs deep, and it is all for the kids. Being able to support organisations like Hummingbird House makes all the hard work worth it. Our donations are increasing every year.”