Redcliffe Skyline Set for Major Transformation with Array of Development Projects

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The Redcliffe skyline is slated for further transformation this year as various construction projects gain momentum, reflecting bullish expectations of interest in housing in the area in the coming months.

Orilla (Woody Point)

Last year saw the commencement of groundwork along the waterfront in Woody Point, where Traders In Purple embarked on constructing 32 luxury residences. The newly unveiled Orilla development, soaring eight stories high, has already made waves by setting a price record for the area, with apartments fetching close to $3 million.

Photo Credit: Traders in Purple

In December, Traders In Purple secured approval to erect 175 apartments across two buildings on Gayundah Esplanade, with the project expected to launch mid-year. This development site holds historical significance as it once housed the iconic Palace Hotel, where the Bee Gees performed their maiden paid gig. The hotel, which ceased operations in 2013, fell victim to a devastating fire in 2014.

Gayundah Esplanade
Photo Credit: Traders in Purple

The Redcliffe CBD is currently abuzz with four sizable projects underway, with one already in construction.

99 Sutton St

Anticipated next year, residents will move into an 82-apartment Brisbane Housing Company (BHC) development tailored for older individuals. The seven-story complex at 99 Sutton St will comprise 59 social and 23 affordable one-bedroom apartments catering to those aged 55 and above. These affordable homes are made possible through support from the Queensland Government’s Housing Investment Fund.

Affordable Housing
Photo Credit: MoretonBayRegionalCouncil


Meanwhile, plans for a nine-story residential development at the corner of Sutton St and Creek St are pending commencement. Dubbed Lumiere, the project will feature 14 apartments boasting scenic sea views, along with two ground-floor food and beverage outlets, likely to include a café and restaurant.

Photo Credit: Velcon Enterprises

Former Site of Redcliffe Picture Palace

A stone’s throw away on Redcliffe Parade, the façade of the historic Redcliffe Picture Palace, later known as the Pier Theatre, will be incorporated into an 82-unit apartment block. Originating in 1928, the Palace met a fiery demise in 1943 but was resurrected as the Pier Theatre, with its original façade still gracing Redcliffe Parade

Redcliffe Picture Palace
Photo Credit: MoretonBayRegionalCouncil

Blue Water Square Shopping Centre Revamp

Further revitalisation is on the horizon for the Blue Water Square Shopping Centre, set to undergo a dramatic makeover with the addition of a new 142-room hotel.

Photo Credit: MoretonBayRegionalCouncil

Addressing the region’s demand for short-term accommodations, the eight-story hotel will feature a top-floor bar accessible to guests and the public, a swimming pool, public art installations, and scenic views overlooking Moreton Island.

Aqua (Woody Point)

Lastly, Aqua, an upscale development situated waterfront at Woody Point, is slated for completion this year, introducing six luxury apartments spread across six levels.

Published 22-February-2024