Residents Launch ePetitions Against Draft Scarborough Harbour Plan

Scarborough Boat Harbour
Photo Credit: Website/ Queensland Government

Frustrated by the nature and scope and lack of community consultation on the proposed long-term plans for Scarborough Harbour, a group of Scarborough residents has launched two e-petitions to challenge the draft master plan.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ SHAG

The Scarborough Harbour Action Group (SHAG) is spearheading the effort, with an e-petition on the state government’s website and paper petitions circulating across the peninsula. These can be found at various local businesses like cafes, pharmacies, hair salons, and the Scarborough Post Office.

SHAG’s core grievance lies with what they perceive as a poorly executed consultation process by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). They claim the Draft Master Plan, which proposes increased tourism, commercial activities, and a marina, fails to reflect community values and lacks evidence of proper consideration for resident feedback provided in 2021.

The group expresses “significant concerns” about potential negative impacts, including increased traffic congestion, parking issues, environmental damage, and the handling of contaminated dredge spoil. They allege that multiple attempts to discuss these concerns with state representatives have been unsuccessful.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ SHAG

SHAG’s e-petition demands a complete overhaul of the planning process. They advocate for an “open, transparent, and collaborative manner” that actively involves residents, local businesses, and the City of Moreton Bay. 

Their ultimate goal is an “environmentally sustainable and community-supported plan” that prioritises the long-term well-being of the area for residents, visitors, and future generations.

The paper petitions close on 16th of May for collation and presentation to Parliament House, while the e-petition remains open until May 19th. Queensland residents can sign both petitions to amplify their voices.

This strong community response indicates a potential roadblock for TMR’s plan, originally slated for finalisation in mid-2024. With residents actively voicing their disapproval, the future of the Scarborough Harbour Draft Master Plan remains uncertain.

Published Date 21-April-2024