Sideline Brawl at a Junior Footy Match Ignites Outrage

Sideline Brawl at a Junior Footy Match Ignites Outrage

A junior footy sideline brawl during a Redcliffe Dolphins and Norths Devils match have sparked outrage, as officials and spectators demand swift action and severe penalties for those involved in the shocking incident.

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A recent junior rugby league game shockingly turned into a brawl on the sidelines. Outrage over the event, which involved a linesman and a coach, has spread throughout the rugby league community, leading to demands for immediate action and harsh penalties for those responsible.

The altercation, which occurred during an under-11s match between the Redcliffe Dolphins and Norths Devils, quickly went viral after being captured on camera. Spectators, including young children, watched in shock as a linesman and a coach exchanged blows.

Eyewitnesses suggest that the altercation may have been triggered by the linesman’s decision not to wear shoes, leading to a parent confronting him and subsequent tensions escalating.

The Queensland Rugby League (QRL) is already looking into the incident, and the consequences could be severe, with potential lifelong bans for the offenders.

Former Dolphins premiership player Darren Smallhorne expressed his shock and disappointment following the incident. Smallhorne called for hefty penalties, emphasising that such behaviour has no place in junior rugby league.

Many within the club share his sentiment and express concern that the U11s players have been deprived of playing due to the adults’ misbehaviour. They argue that innocent children should not suffer the consequences of adult misconduct.

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League chairman Bruce Hatcher has made it clear that lifetime bans are on the table for those involved, highlighting the seriousness of the offence. The QRL has a history of taking strong action against violence, with past incidents resulting in life bans for offenders, including players, spectators, and even underage individuals.

Published 16-May-2023