Redcliffe Cafe Goes Innovative With Their ‘Spag Bol Pie’

spag bol pie
Spag Bol Pie (Photo credit: Banjo's Bakery Café/Facebook)

Banjo’s Bakery cafe in Redcliffe launched a limited edition pie, the ‘Spag Bol pie,’ which combines two savoury dishes, spaghetti bolognese and meat pie, into one delicious treat.

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For the Spag Bol pie, the bakers at Banjo’s combined angel hair spaghetti and meaty bolognese sauce, then cradled it in their signature pie pastry before serving it with some melted cheese and parsley on top.

Banjo’s Bakery Cafe, best known for their innovative pies, celebrated the announcement of their new pie through a competition, where the winner gets a year’ supply of pies and will be hailed as their next ‘Pie-Minister.’

To enter, participants only need to purchase the limited edition Spag Bol Pie and enter their receipt number through Banjo’s app. Further details about the contest are posted on their website.

redcliffe parade
Photo credit: Google Street View

Aside from their Spag Bol pie, which is now becoming one of the favourites at the cafe, Banjo’s Bakery cafe also serves a few more specialty pies such as curried chicken pie, egg and bacon breakfast pie, cauliflower cheese pie, and their award-winning Tasmanian curried scallop pie.

The cafe’s signature Tasmanian curried scallop pie, which is made with six tender Tasmanian Scallops cooked in curry sauce, has won gold at the 2022 Tasmania Fine Food Awards.

They also have special menu items which you can avail from their drive-thru stores only, like the chicken parmi pie and the double cheeseburger pie.

banjo's pies
Photo credit: Banjo’s Bakery Café/Facebook

Banjo’s hot savoury treats best go with a cup of joe. Coffee lovers out there will be happy with the plenty of drinks to choose from, which includes cappuccino, latte, macchiato, long black, mocha, hot chocolate, chai latte, and Piccolo latte.

Banjo’s Redcliffe is located along Redcliffe Parade and opens seven days a week, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can also order your pie through Banjo’s app. For more details, check out their official Facebook page.