Super Blue Full Moon 2018: When and Where to Watch in Redcliffe

Photo Credit: Karma Being Natural Therapies Facebook

There will be a rare lunar event on the 31st of January. The moment is exceptional as three moon phenomena will take place at the same time.

There will be a full moon which will be a “blue moon”, an occurrence that happens every two to three years. This “blue full moon” will also be a “supermoon”, a moon phenomenon that only happens every 150 years when the moon is in its closest proximity to Earth in a single orbit.

These two events will also coincide with a total lunar eclipse. So as the Earth is in between the sun and the moon, sunlight has to pass the Earth’s atmosphere and the moon will appear to be red.

The last time this simultaneous phenomenon happened was in March 1866. According to reports, after the episode on 31st January 2018, the event will not happen again until December 2028 and January 2037.

One of the best locations to enjoy the super blue full moon is in Redcliffe, where one can witness the event whilst attending a community guided meditation in Suttons Beach at 50 Marine Parade.

The moon will rise at 6.27pm over Moreton Island. The meet-up will be on the sand out the front of the Suttons Beach pavilion restaurant building. The meditation session will start at 6:50 p.m.

Here’s the schedule of the lunar eclipse as expected to be seen over Redcliffe.


Be ready with a towel, blanket or rug to lie down on the sand. Children are welcome at the meditation session just be reminded to bring a jacket for them as the night can be chilly.

The session is free. Bookings are a must. To book, please click here. A gold coin donation is not a requirement but will truly be appreciated.

The meditation session is hosted by the Karma Being Natural Therapies headed by Nicci Garaicoa, a local Kinesiologist specialising in women’s and children’s health. For more information about them, please click here.