Suttons Beach Pavilion To Be Torn Down And Replaced

Suttons Beach Pavilion
Photo credit: Suttons Beach Pavilion/Google Maps

Suttons Beach Pavilion has played host to countless weddings and parties for decades, but did you know that this iconic, art deco-style building will likely be demolished following the release of an independent report suggesting that its renovation would be impractical?

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A structural investigation report prepared by independent experts Covey Associates revealed that repairing the pavilion would be inappropriate due to the “significant remediation and rectification works required to meet current building compliance and serviceability.” 

Both the Pavilions 1 and 2 had a history of water ingress issues, which means it will require extensive removal of the building’s structural elements to facilitate the access necessary to complete the repairs.

Suttons Beach Pavilion
Photo credit: ThatGuy/Google Maps

The 600-page report also highlighted that there’s “no guarantee of extended durability and residual life” if the renovations are carried out. 

Moreton Bay Regional Council will be looking at options for replacing the building, which will be discussed in a meeting in April 2023.

Suttons Beach Pavilion
Photo credit: Haddie Middleton/Google Maps

As early as now, there are already some suggestions from the community including a new structure reflecting the original 1930s but with a restaurant or food outlet. There have also been calls to retain the rotunda which was used as backdrop for many weddings over the years.

“It is expected that after these options are presented the public will have their opportunity to help determine what new structure will replace the Pavilion for future generations to appreciate and enjoy, back to its roots as a true community use facility for all residents of our region to enjoy equally and fairly for decades to come,” said Councillor Mark Booth.

History of the Suttons Beach Pavilion

Suttons Beach Pavilion
Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries

The original pavilion, which consisted of a bathing pavilion and kiosk for beachgoers, was built in 1934. The pavilion was designed by architect George Brockwell Gill.

The former Redcliffe Town Council opened a new two-storey pavilion on the site in 1937, based on the design of architect Clifford E. Plant. Mr Plant also owned a property in Redcliffe, which allowed him to personally oversee its construction. 

Significant alterations were done over time, including the addition of a rotunda in 1998. The current pavilion, which served as a function centre was constructed in 2002.

Photo credit: Trent B/Google Maps

Suttons Beach Pavilion was acquired by the Moreton Bay Regional Council in 2006. An assessment done in 2018 revealed that very little of the original pavilion survived over time.

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According to the Council, what people see today, which is the faux art deco style, is not a true reflection of the original build form, but how it’s used when the building was extended and modified.

To read more about the testing and findings, visit Council’s website.

Published 8-March-2023