Bray Farm Park Delivers Magical Outdoor Fun as Brisbane’s ‘Harry Potter’ Playground

Have you been to Brisbane’s “Harry Potter Park” in Moreton Bay? With school out for a few more weeks, there’s still plenty of days to visit this whimsical playground, named the Bray Farm Park, for some outdoor fun for your budding wizards or witches. 

Bray Farm Park is a well-maintained facility found on Rivermint Street in the quiet Griffin suburb. The local Council has gone the extra mile to make this playground truly a magical place for children by designing two main structures inspired by Harry Potter’s adventures.

The first set of structure consists of two wooden cubby houses with a slide, a fireman’s pole, a climbing net, a sturdy bridge, turrets and windows for the kids to explore. Here, the children are encouraged to let their imagination run wild whilst boosting their physical strength and abilities. 

The other structure is a large climbing net based on Hermione Granger’s time turner that provides the kids with fun challenges and a full workout.

Photo Credit: Visit Moreton Bay Region/Facebook
Photo Credit: Jason Weier/Google Maps

What’s more, Bray Farm Park is situated next to the bushland, giving families more access for nature play, learning and discoveries. With lots of luscious trees and thriving wildlife, it’s one of the best outdoor recreational facilities on this side of the region. 

The park is not fenced and doesn’t have barbecue amenities or toilet facilities but it has the following accessible features:

  • Climbing nets
  • Concreted pathway
  • Bench seating
  • Large grassed area for ball games
  • Sheltered picnic tables
  • Slide
  • Swings (including toddler swing)
  • Slide
  • Rubbish bin

After playing in the park, families can swing by nearby cafes in the area for a quick drink or snack before heading home.