Bungalow Seafood Bar & Grill Opens at Former Hog’s Breath Redcliffe Site

Did you know that Bungalow Seafood Bar & Grill has taken over the site of Hog’s Breath Redcliffe along Redcliffe Parade?

Owner Johnny Allsopp announced on Facebook that he and his business partner have opened the newest seafood bar and grill in town, and have slowly been setting up their online presence.  

Bungalow Seafood Bar & Grill’s official Facebook page announced that they will deliver “outstanding customer service, mouth-watering seafood and steaks, amazing cocktails and those cool waterfront vibes.” 

Mr Allsopp has yet to share their menu or photos of the food and venue online, but initial renews from the first few diners during their soft opening have been positive. 

Meanwhile, the owners of Hog’s Breath Redcliffe officially closed on the 15th of December 2022. On their website, the owners said that they are working on plans behind the scenes to reopen “in the future” but have not indicated the next location. 

Locals who patronise the Redcliffe eatery may want to visit the next nearest location in Morayfield, where the staff continues to serve diners their favourites.