Redcliffe Welcomes Industry & Co Collective: A Boutique Op Shop Haven

Nestled in the heart of Redcliffe’s Sutton Street is Industry & Co Collective, a new op shop offering a boutique-style shopping experience without breaking the bank.

Industry & Co Collective, operated by ROPE (Reaching Out, Providing Education), is a unique addition to Redcliffe’s op shop scene, which has been garnering a loyal following since its late-September 2023 opening. 

The store houses designer and children’s sections, adorned with quirky lanterns and convenient storage units. Patrons can explore an extensive collection of clothing, footwear, jewellery, and ever-changing homewares generously donated by supporters.

One of the standout features of Industry & Co Collective is its inclusive approach. Spacious change rooms cater to those with mobility issues, whilst a flat entry ensures that people in wheelchairs can comfortably browse the shop.

Photo Credit: Industry&CoCollective/Facebook

Empowering Through Training

Beyond providing affordable and fashionable shopping, Industry & Co Collective serves a broader purpose. It acts as a hands-on training ground for ROPE participants, offering them the opportunity to gain a Certificate III in Business. 

This venture is part of ROPE’s mission to provide support, education, and life skills training to people living with intellectual disabilities.

Boutique Op Shop Destination

The company strategically chose its location in the burgeoning op shop precinct on Sutton Street, making it a must-visit destination for op shoppers. Wes Bleakley, ROPE’s chief executive, encourages visitors to combine their trip by enjoying the beach, indulging in fish and chips, and indulging in op shopping.

Industry & Co Collective
Photo Credit: Industry&CoCollective/Facebook

“If you’re an op shopper, the more in one spot, the better,” he exclaims.

To enhance the shopping experience, Industry & Co Collective offers a VIP club where customers can earn rewards. Shoppers can achieve Silver VIP status by spending $50 or more in a single transaction, entitling them to a 10 per cent discount on subsequent visits. For those who spend $100 or more, Gold VIP status awaits, granting a 20 per cent discount and invitations to exclusive previews when new stock arrives.

If you’re looking for a boutique op shopping experience that combines style, affordability, and social impact, Industry & Co Collective in Redcliffe is the place to be. 

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