Food Truck Festival for Redcliffe Foodies @ The Picnic Hill

Picnic Hill is the place to be this weekend! Redcliffe residents can look forward to a Friday’s Food Truck Festival at the Picnic Hill. Don’t forget to bring the kids and the whole family for a fun-filled evening of food, drinks, live music, and entertainment.


Event Details:

Date Friday, 13 October
Time 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Venue Picnic Hill, Redcliffe


Food trucks are part of an emerging new foodie trend! They serve something unique that every food lover wants in a format people anticipate and look forward to seeing. Here are some of the food trucks that will be pulling over at the Picnic Hill.


King of the Wings

Photo credit: King of the Wings/Facebook

Brace yourselves, the “king” is on the hill! King of the Wings is the first American style chicken wing food truck in Australia. It was dubbed as the “Number One Food Truck in Queensland” in 2016 that represented Australia in the New York Wingfest 2016.

King of the Wings serves five unique flavours of crispy wings on half-dozen and dozen order sizes. “Southern Style” is their signature flavour, a crowd favourite which combines original southern spices. They also serve “American BBQ”, a smokey flavour with a bourbon hit; “Bee Sting”, a honey sesame with sweet chilli flavour; and “Chillogy”, a fusion of three Australian chillies.


That Greek Truck

Photo credit: That Greek Food Truck/Facebook

Craving for something “Greek”? No worries, That Greek Truck will be pulling over. Just look for the “little trailer” that promises to serve “big flavours” of Greek pita wraps and salads. That Greek Food Truck is for everyone. They have both vegan and non-vegan options on their menu.


Notorious E.A.T.

Photo credit: Notorious E.A.T./Facebook

The newest Gold Coast Food Truck will visit Redcliffe! Notorious E.A.T. serves an American diner style food, such as burgers, fries, and crispy wings. Their amazing burgers are made with high quality meat and homemade waffle or buttery buns. Their menu will not be complete without side dishes like Wu Tang Wings, Big Poppas Dirty Fries, and Nachos.


Joeys Mini Pancakes

Photo credit: Joeys Mini Pancakes/Facebook

Who said that pancakes are just for breakfast? Joeys Mini Pancakes claims that their “pancakes make the world go round”. Catch them at the Picnic Hill to have a taste of their popular mini pancakes that go well with chocolate, maple syrup, and fruits. Be sure to get one of their Merlo coffees to compliment their delicious pancakes.


Twisted Ice Cream & Desserts

Photo credit: Twisted Ice Cream & Desserts/Facebook

Perhaps, something sweet? The Twisted Ice Cream & Desserts will be there to serve their traditional soft-served classics and their unique and “twisted” range of desserts that will surely tantalise your taste buds. You may not be able to buy happiness, but you can definitely buy an ice cream.

There will be other food trucks going on over to Picnic Hill. Check out the event page to for an updated list of the food truck lineup.