You’re Invited to ‘Utopia! And the Caravan Calamity’ at the Redcliffe Museum

Save the date and book some seats! On the 15th of May 2021, Observatory Theatre’s all-new production “Utopia! And the Caravan Calamity” will be played at Redcliffe Museum. The best part? It’s all free! 

Featuring a curious combination of tap dancing, interactive performers, gypsy jazz music, slapstick comedy, and dramatic eye-popping visuals, “Utopia! And the Caravan Calamity” aims to take full advantage of Redcliffe Museum’s new steampunk-themed exhibit, aptly titled “Brain Child”, which celebrates outlandish inventions and sheer imagination. 

Co-director Rory Cooper remarks that the world created within the show offers a heart-warming story of mateship and cooperation that will immerse the audience and rope them into the experience. 

“Audiences should expect to be immediately immersed into the world as some very skilled and enthusiastic actors embark on this journey,” says Mr Cooper. “The performance will take audiences on an adventure that is fun for the whole family.”

The story follows a group of oddballs on a faraway planet traveling aboard a rickety caravan towards paradise. Things don’t go as planned as the caravan collapses en route and the group is left stranded in a desolate wasteland. The only way out is to work together.

Photo credit: Observatory Theatre

Observatory Theatre director Lachlan Driscoll and choreographer Kara Fisher created “Utopia! And the Caravan Calamity.” The production also features set design by The Black Box Collective

Book a free ticket for the show on the 15th of May 2021 by visiting this website. The performance will run from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Observatory Theatre is an up-and-coming theatre company that aims to create meaningful and vibrant experiences for the audience in ways that conventional theatres do not. They specialise in transporting the audience into the world of their productions, making for interactive and immersive experiences that bend the boundaries of traditional theatre. To learn more about Observatory Theatre, visit their website here. Follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on deals, dates, events, and other special announcements concerning their productions.

Redcliffe Museum is at 75 Anzac Ave, Redcliffe.