Introducing ‘Field Good’: A New Online Farmers Market

Want some fresh produce delivered to your doorstep? Introducing, Field Good. A new online farmers market where farm produce and products from makers and market traders are sold and delivered directly to customers.

Your favourite farm market stall holders are now just a few clicks away. 

Mark Power is the man behind this new business model, who manages 12 of South East Queensland’s favourite Farmer’s Markets and more than 30 events annually, including Teneriffe Festival and Westoria in West End.

“Many of our vendors at our markets and events are keen to grow their micro businesses beyond the markets they attend but struggle due to the barriers of start-up costs, overheads and delivery experience,” Mark Power said.

He added that Field Good gives vendors the platform to reach more customers and grow beyond the markets they attend. “We wanted to level the playing field for our farmers as the nature of shopping has changed dramatically during the pandemic and they were missing out on the dramatic growth in e-commerce.  

“Online shopping has increased in Australia by 39% from 2019, so it was important we offer a way that allows these amazing local micro and small businesses to compete with the big national supermarkets and other retailers,” he said. 

Introducing ‘Field Good’: A New Online Farmers Market
Photo credit:  Facebook / Field Good

“Everyone loves visiting a Farmer’s Market,” Mark continues, “because they know they are helping support local  farmers, makers and traders in their small businesses and also because they get amazing produce  at bargain prices compared to the supermarkets.” 

“People are hungry for better knowledge of who, when and where their food and goods are coming from and Field Good provides that transparency.

“And while many people want to shop at their local Farmer’s Markets regularly the reality of work,  children’s sport, church and sleep-ins can get in the way of getting there every weekend.”

Initially, Field Good, in partnership with leading last-mile delivery company Home Delivery Service, will be delivering to Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast once a week for a minimum spend of $50. 

The online farmers market will offer a great selection of farmers, growers and makers on the site and more than 1,000 items to choose from including:

• Freshly Picked – fresh fruit and vegetables from all over South East Queensland
• Bio Organic Farm – organic farm from Tweed Valley
• Meat Co – from a collection of graziers from Rangeland Farms, Elgin Valley Farms • Rufus King Seafoods – from Stradbroke Island 
• Farm Boxes – from Cross Family Farms in Bundaberg 
• Enzo Pasta – handmade pasta and sauces from Brisbane’s pasta king, Enzo. 
• Fonzie Abbott – coffee roasted in Albion, Brisbane

For more updates, check their socials: @fieldgoodau on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok