Fitness Instructor and Accomplice Face Charges After Alleged Assault at Cactus Jacks Restaurant

A fitness instructor and another individual are facing serious charges after an alleged violent incident that took place at Cactus Jacks restaurant in Redcliffe. The incident occurred on the night of 4 August 2023 and has left the local community shocked and concerned.

Jarrod Anthony Lane, 24, from Burpengary, and Jayden Lee Casella, 25, from Newport, appeared before the Redcliffe Magistrates Court on 21 August to face charges related to the incident.

According to police reports, the two individuals were asked to leave Cactus Jacks restaurant on Redcliffe Pde after allegedly terrorizing both staff and diners. They then allegedly blew a vape into the face of the restaurant’s staff and threw hand sanitiser at them.

Following the alleged assault at Cactus Jacks, the two men reportedly moved on to Papi’s Mexican Kitchen, where they were accused of causing further damage during an altercation with staff. CCTV footage captured the tense confrontation between the two men and the restaurant staff.

The situation then escalated when Jayden Lee Casella allegedly struck Avan Jiminez, the 40-year-old owner of Cactus Jacks, with a glass in an unprovoked attack. The glass which reportedly shattered upon impact, caused serious injury to Jiminez’s head. The victim was rushed to Redcliffe Hospital for treatment. He remained there until the early hours of the following day. 

Lane was charged with committing a public nuisance, while Casella faced charges of public nuisance, assault occasioning bodily harm while armed, and being adversely affected by an intoxicating substance.

Both Lane and Casella have sought an adjournment to seek legal advice. Casella, who did not appear in court, was waiting for additional evidence, including body-worn footage from police officers. 

Magistrate Mark Bucknall adjourned the proceedings to 21 September, giving the accused individuals and their legal teams time to prepare and gather additional evidence. 

Published 25-August-2023