Brenton Baira of the Dolphins Poised for Rugby League Stardom

Dolphins flyer Brenton Baira is making a name for himself as an exciting young talent in the world of rugby league. With blistering speed and outstanding ball skills, Baira is poised to become a future star of the game.

Football runs in the family

Football runs in Brenton’s blood. His father is former NRL player Royston Lightning, known for his own blistering pace playing for the Canberra Raiders.

“My dad has been a big influence on my footy,” says the 20-year-old. Growing up, Brenton picked up a football “since [he] was four or five years old,” watching his father play and learning from him. That family connection and mentorship has helped shape Brenton into the player he is today.

In addition, Brenton’s uncle is Roy Baira, coach of the Hastings Deering Colts’ back-to-back premiers Townsville Blackhawks. Roy acknowledges his nephew “definitely got his speed and aggression” from his father Lightning.

Standout 2023 for Brenton Baira

Brenton Baira
Photo Credit: Instagram/Redcliffe Dolphins

This season, Brenton has split time between the Hastings Deering Colts and the Hostplus Cup for the Dolphins. He has excelled in both competitions, impressing fans with his elusive running style. Coach Scott Murray praises Baira’s versatility across positions and grades, and said that his blistering pace makes him a constant try-scoring threat.

Their loss to the Brisbane Tigers in the Hastings Deering Colts preliminary finals spoiled a potential grand final clash between Brenton and his uncle Roy’s Blackhawks side.

The future is bright

With the confidence and natural talent passed down from his father, Brenton Baira has all the makings of a future NRL star. The young flyer is already training full-time with the Dolphins NRL squad and continues to improve each season.

With a passion for the game and undeniable ability, Baira is one to watch for the future.

Published 20 September 2023

Hostplus Cup: Redcliffe Dolphins Edge Out Tweed Seagulls in the Inaugural Liam Hampson Cup

The Redcliffe Dolphins (5th) edged out the Tweed Seagulls (7th) in the inaugural Liam Hampson Cup. In a nail-biting and emotional match last Sunday, the game kept fans on the edge of their seats until the final minute — ending with a score of 26-24.

The match served as a tribute to the skilful number nine who had graced both the Tweed and Redcliffe sides during his Hostplus Cup career. Tragically, his life was cut short while on holiday overseas last October.

Meanwhile, the Wynnum Manly Seagulls (3rd) secured a resounding victory over the Northern Pride (6th). With a 30-14 win, the WM Seagulls consolidated their position in the top three of the Hostplus Cup. The WM Seagulls are one point clear of fourth place with a game in hand. 

In another match, the Souths Logan Magpies (1st) continued their dominant form by defeating the Sunshine Coast Falcons (9th). A final score of 34-22 kept the Magpies at the top of the competition.

The Burleigh Bears (2nd) took on the PNG Hunters (10th) and came out on top 30-22. The win kept them in the hunt for the top spot on the ladder. The Bears are now level on points with the Magpies with a game in hand.

The results mean there will be no changes at the top of the Hostplus Cup ladder.

The Sunshine Coast Falcons remain in contention despite their defeat and currently sit in ninth place.

The Northern Pride drop to seventh after their defeat, while the Tweed Seagulls slide into eighth place. The defeat of the PNG Hunters has seen them drop to 11th place, intensifying the battle for a top eight finish.

Stay tuned for more high-octane rugby league action in the Hostplus Cup.

Published 12 July 2023

Sideline Brawl at a Junior Footy Match Ignites Outrage

A junior footy sideline brawl during a Redcliffe Dolphins and Norths Devils match have sparked outrage, as officials and spectators demand swift action and severe penalties for those involved in the shocking incident.

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A recent junior rugby league game shockingly turned into a brawl on the sidelines. Outrage over the event, which involved a linesman and a coach, has spread throughout the rugby league community, leading to demands for immediate action and harsh penalties for those responsible.

The altercation, which occurred during an under-11s match between the Redcliffe Dolphins and Norths Devils, quickly went viral after being captured on camera. Spectators, including young children, watched in shock as a linesman and a coach exchanged blows.

Eyewitnesses suggest that the altercation may have been triggered by the linesman’s decision not to wear shoes, leading to a parent confronting him and subsequent tensions escalating.

The Queensland Rugby League (QRL) is already looking into the incident, and the consequences could be severe, with potential lifelong bans for the offenders.

Former Dolphins premiership player Darren Smallhorne expressed his shock and disappointment following the incident. Smallhorne called for hefty penalties, emphasising that such behaviour has no place in junior rugby league.

Many within the club share his sentiment and express concern that the U11s players have been deprived of playing due to the adults’ misbehaviour. They argue that innocent children should not suffer the consequences of adult misconduct.

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League chairman Bruce Hatcher has made it clear that lifetime bans are on the table for those involved, highlighting the seriousness of the offence. The QRL has a history of taking strong action against violence, with past incidents resulting in life bans for offenders, including players, spectators, and even underage individuals.

Published 16-May-2023

NRL Acknowledges Referee Error in Dolphins Game

The National Rugby League (NRL) has acknowledged a crucial referee error during Canberra’s golden-point victory over the Dolphins (formerly called the Redcliffe Dolphins).

The score was tied at 30-30 when Canberra’s Hudson Young knocked the ball forward into Ray Stone’s arm, before regaining possession. The Raiders were then awarded a set restart after NRL officials pinged Kaufusi for knocking the ball forward. Jamal Fogarty later scored the match-winning field goal over the Dolphins.

NRL Head of Football Graham Annesley admitted that referee Peter Gough was obscured in his view of the knock-on resulting in the referee error, but the sideline officials should have stopped play. Annesley expressed his disappointment that an official decision had affected the game’s outcome. 

The NRL is reviewing South Sydney’s interchange breach, and it is likely that they will receive a fine for having 14 men on the field for 15 seconds during their win over Brisbane.

Annesley also warned against blanket punishments, arguing that circumstances vary in each case. He pointed out that teams have previously been docked points in close matches for interchange breaches, with Canterbury being the most recent in 2009. 

However, he emphasized that blanket rules are not the answer, as there are many different circumstances and degrees of seriousness. He gave an example of how a player’s presence on the field might significantly impact the game’s outcome in one scenario but not in another.

Published 5-May-2023

Redcliffe’s Dolphin Stadium to Get $6M Expansion

To meet the rising demand for games at Dolphin Stadium, Moreton Bay Regional Council has signed off on a $2.5-million contribution to finish the stadium’s expansion. The Federal Government also committed $3.5 million towards the project.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Allan Sutherland, a long-time supporter of the club, said it made economic sense to contribute towards Stage 3 of Dolphin Stadium. Once complete, this will increase the stadium’s seating capacity from 7,000 to 10,000.

The stadium had 4,000 seats when it reopened in 2016. More seats were added during the second stage of the project in 2018. Stage 3 involves the development of the northern end of the ground. It is part of the five-year expansion project funded by the state and federal governments and the Moreton Bay Regional Council. To date, the project has cost $15 million, including $6 million for the second stage. 

Mayor Sutherland believes it’s an investment that’s returning massive dividends for the region through tourism and events. He said it allows council to continue to invest in other facilities as there are no ongoing maintenance and depreciation costs for ratepayers.

More than being a home to the Redcliffe Dolphins, Dolphin Stadium (formerly Dolphin Oval) served as the venue for the Brisbane Roar women’s teams high-profile home matches. The A-League soccer club announced in June 2019 that it will move three of its home matches in the 2019–20 season to the venue. Their match against Melbourne City in November 2019 attracted a total of 9,387 spectators filling the stands at Dolphin Stadium.

Regarding the expansion plan, Spokesperson for Economic Development, Events and Tourism Cr Peter Flannery added:  “Attracting visitors to the stadium is fantastic as many travel to the region and then stay overnight or longer. On average these visitors spend $278 per visitor per day in our local businesses.”

Redcliffe’s Benji Marshall Suffers Injury, May be Sidelined

Rugby league star playmaker Benji Marshall might be sidelined after suffering from a possible wrist fracture during Redfield’s winning game over Ipswich recently. If confirmed, this will be a “major blow” to his promising debut with the Dolphins. During his Intrust Super Cup debut, the former Tiger and Dragon vowed “to enjoy his winning moments more.”

However, with the recent injury that he has suffered, this will be a major test of the confidence and optimism that he has displayed, playing for his new team this season. Fans hope he can bounce back and that his fighting spirit as Redcliffe’s star playmaker remains unaffected.

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Photo Credit: Redcliffe & Bayside Herald/Facebook