Tragic Loss at Redcliffe Hospital: The Heartbreaking Case of Baby Thea Flaskett

What should have been a very happy day for Meg and James Flaskett turned out to be very much the opposite, following the devastating loss of their newborn daughter, Thea, shortly after her birth at Redcliffe Hospital.

The Beginning of a Dream

Meg, 21, and James Flaskett, 22, were living a dream come true. Recently married and having secured their own home, they were ecstatic about the arrival of their first child. 

The couple had been preparing a Winnie-the-Pooh-themed nursery, eagerly anticipating the addition to their family. Meg described her pregnancy as uncomplicated until the 38-week mark when she noticed a concerning decrease in Thea’s movements and growth.

Despite her instincts signalling that something was amiss, Meg’s concerns were not taken as seriously as she had hoped. 

“I just had this instinct that something wasn’t quite right,” she shared

Her request for a ceasarean section was overridden by the hospital’s decision to induce labour for a vaginal birth.

A Day of Turmoil

On the day of the induction, Meg was admitted to Redcliffe Hospital in the evening, but her procedure was delayed due to the hospital being extremely busy. The alleged delay in treatment and a series of alleged missteps during the labour added to the family’s distress. 

“We had her on my chest for about eight minutes, while they were going back and forth whether she needed help,” Meg recalled the harrowing experience.

When Thea was born, she was not the crying, vibrant newborn they had hoped for but appeared blueish and groaning. The situation turned dire when the medical team discovered that the oxygen tank needed for resuscitation was empty. 

“It just seemed like no one knew how to change that life-saving equipment that our baby quite clearly needed,” the mother said

Despite eventually receiving oxygen, it was apparently too late.

“Thea wasn’t displaying signs of brain activity anymore, her organs were shutting down, and if we wanted to hold her, now would be the time,” Meg said, recounting the devastating news they received.

Parents of Thea Flaskett
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Investigations and Hospital Response

The incident has triggered a clinical review by Redcliffe Hospital, and separate investigations by the coroner and Health Ombudsman are in progress. However, the hospital’s medical director of children’s health, Kim Hansen, has not conceded any staff errors. 

“We’re waiting for the details from the internal review and the Coroner’s findings and that will give us more information about what happened,” she said.

On the other hand, Metro North Health and Hospital Service found “no evidence of any equipment being faulty or of clinical staff being unable to operate equipment appropriately.”

Looking for Answers and Change

The tragedy has not only devastated the Flaskett family but also raised significant concerns about healthcare standards and practices. Meg and James are now advocating for changes to prevent similar incidents.

The Queensland Deputy Premier, Steven Miles, acknowledged the tragedy but denied systemic failures in the health sector.

As investigations continue, the community awaits answers, hoping for improvements that ensure such a tragedy as the case of Thea Flaskett does not recur.

Published 28-Nov-2023

Upgraded Emergency Department Opens at Redcliffe Hospital

Redcliffe Hospital celebrated the opening of its upgraded emergency department, which includes a dedicated paediatric section. The $10-million upgrade aims to provide safer and improved emergency care for children and families.

The newly unveiled paediatric facilities feature a separate waiting area, triage, and treatment spaces that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of children and their families. This dedicated section will ensure that young patients receive specialized care in a child-friendly environment.

In addition to the paediatric section, the upgrade also includes the addition of 12 more treatment spaces in the ED. Among these, a mental health lounge has been created to accommodate low-acuity mental health patients in need of emergency care. The enhanced facilities and expanded capacity will enable the hospital to provide efficient and comprehensive emergency services to a growing number of patients.

The $10 million investment in the Redcliffe Hospital’s emergency department was made as part of an election commitment by the Australian Government in 2019. The funding has allowed for the necessary infrastructure improvements and the recruitment of additional nursing and medical staff to support the upgraded facilities.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration between the state government and the Australian Government in delivering improved healthcare services to Queensland families. She highlighted the positive impact the new treatment spaces will have on young patients while also supporting hardworking healthcare professionals. Ms Palaszczuk further noted that the significant budget allocated to healthcare this year will lead to the delivery of similar facilities across hospitals in the state.

Minister for Health, Mental Health, and Ambulance Services Shannon Fentiman emphasized the importance of the upgrade, stating that it will provide specialized care for the youngest members of the community. Ms Fentiman pointed out that one in five ED presentations at Redcliffe Hospital involves children, making it crucial to invest in dedicated spaces tailored to their needs. The timing of the upgrade aligns with the $1.1 billion Redcliffe Expansion project, set to bring 204 new beds to Redcliffe Hospital.

Attorney-General and Member for Redcliffe, Yvette D’Ath, highlighted the family-friendly features incorporated into the new paediatric section. Charging points for mobile devices and an interactive ceiling-mounted projector have been installed to help entertain and distract children during their stay. Ms D’Ath emphasized that the upgrade aligns with the growth and changing demographic needs of the Peninsula community.

Dr. Alan Yan, the Director of the Redcliffe Hospital Emergency Department, expressed his excitement about the new dedicated section. With approximately 20 per cent of ED presentations involving babies and children, amounting to over 1000 paediatric cases per month, the separate section will undoubtedly enhance the care and overall experience for parents, caregivers, and families.

Dr. Yan also emphasized that the additional treatment spaces and designated areas for mental health patients will have a positive impact on patient outcomes. Furthermore, the upgraded facilities will support the well-being of the hospital’s staff with new amenities and break room facilities.

The upgraded emergency department at Redcliffe Hospital is a testament to the commitment of both the Australian and Queensland governments to providing quality healthcare services. With its specialized paediatric section and increased treatment capacity, the hospital is now better equipped to serve the community and meet the growing demand for emergency care.

Published 26-June-2023

Two Redcliffe Hospitals Set For Major Expansion

In order to meet the growing demand for healthcare services in the Redcliffe Peninsula, two hospitals are about to undergo major expansions, with a combined value exceeding $1 billion dollars, thanks to both public and private sector support. 

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Redcliffe Hospital

Expected to cost around $1.06 billion, the expansion of Redcliffe Hospital is part of the largest investment that the Queensland state government has ever in new beds and facilities for new and expanded hospitals.

Plans for Redcliffe Hospital include new clinical services and ambulatory care buildings, and the refurbishment of the existing hospital facilities to deliver additional capacity for both clinical and facility support services.

Photo Credit: Google Maps/Traveler

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the additional facilities also include new operating theatres, Emergency Department treatment spaces, endoscopy rooms, birthing suites, outpatient consult rooms, diagnostic rooms, and the expansion of medical imaging, pharmacy, and pathology areas.

The expansion is expected to boost the hospital’s bed base by around 204 additional beds. Some 1,500 jobs will be generated by the hospital construction activities.

The new ambulatory care building is expected to be operational by the second half of 2026, whilst the new clinical services building is expected to open one year after, in the latter half of 2027.

Refurbishment works on the existing hospital building is expected to be complete and operational in 2028.

Peninsula Private Hospital

hospitals in Redcliffe
Photo credit: Peninsula Private Hospital/Facebook

Meanwhile, a $71-million sale-leaseback deal has recently been signed for the Peninsula Private Hospital in Kippa-Ring by new owners NorthWest Healthcare Properties. The current operator, Healthscope, will continue to run the acute surgical and rehabilitation facility.

Photo credit: Metro North Health/Facebook

The 70-bed hospital is also up for a major revamp and expansion which will see NorthWest Healthcare Properties allocate up to $110 million to build additional operating theatres and procedure rooms, on surplus land surrounding the existing buildings.

hospitals in Redcliffe
Photo credit: Peninsula Private Hospital/Facebook

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Construction is expected to commence in early 2023 and the hospital is planning on a late 2024 opening for the new facilities.

Major Expansion of Redcliffe Hospital to Deliver 204 Extra Beds

Redcliffe Hospital will undergo a major expansion that will significantly deliver 204 beds and improve its clinical and ambulatory services.

The planned refurbishment is also expected to add to the capacity of the hospital’s support services for inpatient and outpatient needs, ensuring that Redcliffe residents will continue to access world-class health services.

In a statement, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said that the expansion is an answer to the demand for health care in the region as the population of Redcliffe increases. 

“Redcliffe is my electorate, and I know the demand for health care is increasing. I’m pleased to announce that the Palaszczuk Government will deliver a $1.06 billion expansion of the Redcliffe Hospital that will add around 204 more beds to the facility.”

By the second half of 2026, residents will be able to take advantage of the new ambulatory care building whilst the clinical services building will start operating in mid-2027. The completion of the hospital’s renovation, on the other hand, will finish in 2028. 


“Building health infrastructure provides local job opportunities, and this project will create around 2,573 jobs during the construction,” Member for Murrumba Steven Miles said.

In addition to this expansion, the Queensland Government has also funded $9.78 billion for new hospitals in over six years. Under the Capacity Expansion Program, three new hospitals, a new Queensland Cancer Centre and 11 hospital expansion projects across the state will deliver 2220 additional beds from 2024 to 2028. 

“Along with our significant investment in new hospitals and facilities, this year’s Budget provides $6.78 billion in additional operational funding over the next four years to deliver on our commitment to employ an extra 9475 staff in this term of government,” Ms D’Ath said. 

“Investment in our healthcare workforce is vital – they are our greatest asset, and the reason Queenslanders continue to receive first-class healthcare every day.”