Redcliffe Pensioners Hall to be Rebuilt as a Homelessness Hub

Photo Credit: DA/2022/3848/MBRC

Did you know that a homelessness hub could soon be built at the Redcliffe Pensioners Hall, along the corner of Portwood Street and Oxley Avenue?

DA/2022/3848 was filed on 26 Sept 2022, which proposes to remove the existing facility to make way for a new building for The Breakfast Club. The organisation provides free meals and food assistance to the community and has leased the Redcliffe Pensioners Hall, a 42-year-old community facility, since 2020. 

The new building will have spaces for specialist housing, a dining hall, offices, a commercial kitchen, showers and toilets, and an outdoor community deck. The proposal also includes two other tenancies that will be split as a Community Care Centre and a Community Use facility. 

Redcliffe Pensioners Hall
Photo Credit: DA/2022/3848/MoretonBayRegionalCouncil

Redcliffe Pensioners Hall’s sports and recreational spaces, the hardstand, and the associated buildings will remain the same. The car park arrangements will also not be impacted by the redevelopment.

“The proposed built form has been provided to allow for the formalisation of the community care centre on the subject site and provide for a design which is reflective of the current streetscape and surrounding Redcliffe locality,” DTS, the planner stated in the DA. 

Redcliffe Pensioners Hall
Photo Credit: DA/2022/3848/MoretonBayRegionalCouncil

“The proposal seeks to provide for extensions to the existing built form and do not alter the remaining open space and sport and recreational areas identified on the subject site to the north. The proposed use is not expected to draw a significant increase in patrons to the subject site, merely redeveloping the built form to present an attractive structure to the Portwood Street streetscape and service the local Redcliffe community.”

The project is expected to cost $4.5 million and will be funded by the Queensland Government. 

Mayor Peter Flannery said that the community has been asking for a homelessness hub for years thus the assistance “couldn’t come at a more important time” when more than 1,200 families in Moreton Bay have been experiencing homelessness.