More Stores and Entertainment to Pop Up as Redcliffe Jetty Markets Expands to Almost Twice Its Size

The popular Redcliffe Jetty Markets will be expanded to almost double its current size under the master plan for the peninsula.

The Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan and Activation Strategy has been created in an effort to enhance tourism and create new opportunities for businesses in the area. The expansion of the Jetty Markets is the first step in the realising the vision of the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Through community consultation, the council developed the master plan, incorporating the local residents’ clamour for more pop-up vendors and active living along the foreshore.

Sunday Market Expansion

Business is expected to boom as the Redcliffe Jetty Markets get bigger through the plan of Markets and Events Management Australia (MEMA) to turn the Sunday market into a major destination in southeast Queensland.

Photo credit: Redcliffe Jetty Markets/Facebook

Currently, the Sunday market gets more than 7,000 visitors each week. That number should go higher as the plans are realised over the next 12 to 18 months.

Under the plan, the Redcliffe Jetty Market will be expanded from Baker Street to the Anzac Avenue roundabout. New market stalls, street eats and entertainment will also be added to the weekend destination.

Among the new features that MEMA is introducing are children’s entertainment, car shows, cooking and lifestyle area and a food van space.

Foreshore Activation

Aside from the Sunday market expansion, the master plan also involves activating several foreshore sites. A number of interested vendors are participating in the trial and the council is still accepting applications to be part of the trial.

The council will run the trial up to the end of September 2018.

Redcliffe Foreshore Master Plan Pilot Program (Trial) sites (Click to view). Photo credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Local businesses and residents are also encouraged to continue providing their feedback on the pilot program.

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