Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula: Fixing Broken Items, Reducing Waste

Damaged electricals, sewing machines, bikes, walkers, prams, small wooden objects, clothing, electronics, and toys are just some of the items that volunteers at the Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula workshop try to fix to help save them from ending up into the landfill.

Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula
Photo Credit: Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula / Facebook

Launched in 2020, the initiative aims to save broken but repairable items from being tossed into a landfill. Dozens of items that otherwise would have been thrown away have already been repaired by their volunteer specialists since, but sadly, many other items brought there were not made to last and could no longer be fixed.

Repair cafes, which were believed to have originated as a response to the 2007-2008 financial crisis, play a vital role in the sustainable circular economy transition. A report published on Science Direct stated that as of April 2021, there are over 2,000 repair cafes in 37 countries which attests to growing global awareness of the concept. The success of these repair cafes, however, hinges on several factors including the consumer’s financial capability to buy a replacement item and environmental awareness.

In late 2021, the Right to Repair inquiry report by the federal Productivity Commission highlighted some “significant and unnecessary barriers” to repairing consumer products including the lack of information about a product’s repairability and durability, as well as access to repair supplies.

The report also included some recommendations to reduce these barriers including enhancing consumer rights, promoting competition and enabling access to repair supplies and improving product information and e-waste management.

Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula
Photo Credit: Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula / Facebook

“Kind and generous people sharing their talents for the benefit of the community. All volunteers. Well done everyone and thank you for fixing the sewing machine.” C. McLeod

“Great help with electrical issues on aviation headsets. A big thank you.” G. Pukallus

“Keeping repairable items out of landfill.” L. Yearn

“Friendly people, skilled in their repair work.” T. Smith

Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula will again be accepting items for repair this coming 1 October 2022. Book your repair request on this page.

The event will happen at Redcliffe City Clay Target Club 267 Duffield Road, Clontarf beginning at 6.30 AM.

Redcliffe City Clay Target Club | 267 Duffield Rd, Clontarf QLD 4019