Proposed Project Looks to Revive Abandoned Frawley’s Tennis Club Site

The former Frawley’s Tennis Club site in Rothwell has sat abandoned for over six years, but may now get a new lease on life through a proposed development project.

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This comes after Human Touch Group has submitted plans to transform the run-down six-court tennis facility and its surrounding overgrown lots into a vibrant 90-unit retirement community.

The proposed $20 million complex at 56 Cowan Street South, Rothwell will feature independent living apartments across three floors, complete with a range of modern amenities tailored to retirees. One, two and three-bedroom units will be on offer, providing senior residents with flexible housing options.

Photo credit: Nettleton Tribe

Recreational facilities will form a central component of the project, with indoor and outdoor communal spaces designed to bring residents together. 

Photo credit: Nettleton Tribe

Designed by Nettleton Tribe Architects, it will feature a swimming pool, recreation deck and central courtyard, which emphasise creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Photo credit: Nettleton Tribe

Human Touch Group believes the development will help meet growing demand for senior housing in the Moreton Bay region. 

“The thoughtful incorporation of various apartment sizes caters to individual preferences and needs, allowing residents to choose living spaces that best suit their lifestyles. Simultaneously, the inclusion of communal recreation facilities fosters social interactions, engagement, and a sense of community, all of which contribute to the well-rounded quality of life the retirement facility aims to provide,” planners at Urbis stated on behalf of the applicant. 

Frawleys Tennis Club
Walkway between tennis courts (Photo credit: Nettleton Tribe)

With existing retirement communities in Camden, Bowral, and Macarthur already home to over 500 seniors, Human Touch Group is eager to bring their expertise in creating vibrant senior living to Redcliffe retirees through this new high-quality development.

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The new complex will rise from the remains of the Frawley’s Tennis Club, which has been abandoned since 2017. Six deteriorating tennis courts and a faded clay court still occupy the site today, remnants of its sporting past.

Published 30-October-2023