Redcliffe Aerodrome Hosts World Helicopter Day to Show that Rotors Matter

Have a close encounter with different types of helicopters and the people behind these amazing machines. On Sunday, the 20th of August, the Aeropower Flight School at the Redcliffe Aerodrome will celebrate Open Hangar Day as part of World Helicopter Day from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Entry is free.


The Highlights

Photo credit: Aeropower Flight School/Facebook

During Open Hangar Day, there will be a range of helicopters on display, including the Rotorway Executive. It is also the chance for lucky visitors to sit in the helicopters and engage in informative discussions with the pilots and the engineers.

Photo credit: World Helicopter Day/Facebook

The Air Force Cadets will be conducting a drill demonstration. To even make the day informative and educational, there will be several presentations on how to fly helicopters and what are the careers available in the helicopter industry. This might inspire children to take on careers in the aerospace industry.

Want to fly? There will be limited number of local area “joy flights” for the people who wants to experience riding and flying on a helicopter.

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Along with the flying, there will be a range of sports car on display. Food trucks offering BBQ and a host of other tasty nibbles will also be in operation during the event.

Have your cameras ready, it’s the perfect time to snap those selfies. Visit the event page or the the Aeropower Flight School website and Facebook page for details.


What is World Helicopter Day?

Photo credit: World Helicopter Day/Facebook

Held every third Sunday of August, World Helicopter Day aims to raise awareness of the contributions that the helicopters make in our society. It is also a celebration of the excellent works of the people who designs, flies, and supports helicopters all over the globe.

Photo credit: World Helicopter Day/Facebook

The helicopter industry employs more than half-a-million people all over the world. Helicopters are not just awesome machines; these machines make great contributions in rescue and disaster relief operations, firefighting, medical transfers, powerline maintenance, and agriculture.

Every helicopter organisation is invited to support this international day and host their open day. This is an opportunity to show the world what helicopters are truly are.

To learn more about helicopters and their roles in our society, visit the World Helicopter website and Facebook page.