Something’s Brewing at the Scarborough Harbour Marina and It’s a Hit Among the Locals!

Launched in mid-April 2022, Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co. is a hot, new brewery and eatery in Moreton Bay’s dining scene. Discover why this new brewery on the Redcliffe Peninsula is such a hit among the locals. 

Owners Sonia and Guy Schweitzer named the new venue Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co. as their way of honouring the location, its history and the community. This was not their first intent, though, but due to issues with an existing trademark, the couple decided to name it after the location where the brewery sits.

Inspired by their travels to some of Canada’s best micro-brewing sites, the couple has since been wanting to open a brewery in the Redcliffe Peninsula. But COVID-19 and other challenges forced them to pause their plans and wait for the right moment to launch the business. 

Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co.
Photo Credit: Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co. / Facebook

And so when the opportunity came, they began searching for the perfect location that later led them to a waterfront site overlooking the Scarborough Harbour Marina. From concept to construction, the process became long and exhausting, but there was no turning back.

In September 2021, the two-level venue underwent a renovation which turned the ground floor area into a brewery and taproom, called The Engine Room. Upstairs is where the Upper Deck or the brewery’s dining space is located. Here, customers can enjoy their scrumptious meals such as fish tacos, sirloin steak with chips, soft shell crab sliders, giant chicken parmi and brewer’s cobb salad or simply admire the astounding harbour view and the Glass House Mountains with a beer in hand.

Giant chicken parmi with chips and slaw
Giant chicken parmi with chips and slaw | Photo Credit: Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co. / Facebook
Sirloin steak with chips
Sirloin steak with chips | Photo Credit: Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co. / Facebook

The venue was opened on 16 April 2022 with Sam Nunnikhoven, formerly of Green Beacon Brewing Co. at the helm of the brewery section. The beer offerings include Reef Point lager, Thirteen Hills XPA, the mid-strength Mariner and The Bay west coast IPA.

What are you drinking today?
What are you drinking today? | Photo Credit: Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co. / Facebook

And every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, customers get treated with live music featuring local artists plus large projectors and TVs showing live broadcasts of games to ensure guests are glued to their seats as they sip their ice-cold beer.

Discover more of what this waterfront venue could offer by visiting their website here

Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co. | located at 21 Bird O’ Passage Parade, Scarborough.