Covert Cameras Expose Rampant Speeding in Queensland School Zones

The ‘ghost’ speed cameras which were previously rolled out in school zones throughout Queensland are catching thousands of drivers who continue to disregard the 40km/h speed limits.

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The cameras – dubbed Roadways Behaviour Monitoring Systems (RBMS) – were initially rolled out at 19 of the state’s schools in August last year. 

The expansion of ‘ghost’ cameras follows an incident last September where a teenager was ordered to serve time in a detention facility. The teen had struck an eight-year-old boy in the Scarborough school zone, leaving the child with permanent disfigurement. 

Photo credit: Transport and Main Roads Queensland/Facebook

Reports indicate the driver, now 19 years old, was attempting a stunt manoeuvre known as drifting or a burnout whilst navigating a roundabout in the 40km/h school zone at 3:10 p.m. In the process, the driver lost control of the vehicle and collided with an eight-year-old pedestrian and his father as they waited to cross the street. The young student suffered serious injuries, becoming trapped underneath the lowered car. 

Between August 2023 and March 24, 2024, in the Scarborough – Redcliffe area alone, 2,547 fines were issued for speeds up to 71 km/h in school zones.

According to new Transport and Main Roads data, over 10,000 total offences have been captured by the RBMS cameras so far across Queensland, with some drivers exceeding school zone speed limits by over 40km/h – more than double the applicable limit. Fines and demerit points continue to be issued to those caught failing to slow down.

Photo credit: Transport and Main Roads Queensland/Facebook

Transportation officials stated that the RBMS cameras exclusively function during the posted times indicated by the flashing school zone signals. Motorists adhering to the reduced speed limits in these areas have no cause for concern. 

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Beyond speed enforcement, the camera systems offer supplementary capabilities such as visibly displaying the mandated limit and collecting traffic pattern data to analyse driving behaviours through school zones.

Officials also encourage parents and guardians to reinforce road safety practices with their children. This includes instructing youngsters on crucial rules like remaining vigilant near streets and driveways, obeying crossing guards whose role is ensuring safe passage across roadways, and setting an example by exercising heightened caution when driving in school vicinities.

Published 23-April-2024