Donate Old Smartphone at Redcliffe to Help Seriously Ill Children

It’s time to clean up your drawers and recycle your old smartphones!

The Starlight Children’s Foundation is accepting old smartphones as donations for their Smartphones for Smiles program. By donating your unwanted smartphones at the participating Puma Energy location in Redcliffe, you get to help brighten up the lives of seriously ill children.

The Foundation together with Puma Energy, Frank Mobile, and Nova, aim to collect 1000 used smartphones in order to raise over $39,000.

A total of 30 Puma Energy locations are now accepting donations for the Smartphones for Smiles up until 31 January. One of the participating locations is at 493 Oxley Avenue in Redcliffe.

Here is a complete list of locations across South East Queensland.

Redcliffe Starlight Children's Foundation
Photo credit: Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia/ Facebook

How to Donate

  • Retrieve your old smartphone and make sure to remove all account locks and personal information in your phone for privacy. To know more about resetting your phone, please visit Apple or Samsung webages.
  • Drop off your smartphone donation to the nearest participating Puma Energy Service Station. You also need to fill in some basic details at the counter.
  • Starlight’s mobile partner, Frank Mobile, will collect and evaluate all donated phones. Another data clearing process will be made in order to ensure the smartphone’s complete data destruction.
  • The total value of all donated smartphones will be  reconciled and distributed to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Help bring a smile on the faces of the Starlight children. Donate your old smartphones now!