Tydal Woody Point: Enhancing Community and Lifestyle on Queensland’s Waterfront

Traders In Purple has unveiled Tydal Woody Point, its 14th residential development, significantly enhancing Queensland’s waterfront real estate landscape.

Located at a historical site once home to the Palace Hotel, renowned for hosting the Bee Gees’ first paid gig, Tydal Woody Point occupies a prime position that blends rich cultural heritage with modern living. The development follows the successful fully-sold projects Marin at Scarborough and Lasail Newport, embodying a continuation of the company’s vision to transform Queensland’s coastal areas.

Tydal offers 104 luxury apartments in two buildings, designed to cater to local downsizers and northern Brisbane residents. These units provide unparalleled ocean views and a serene lifestyle harmonising with the natural surroundings.

Tydal Woody Point
Photo Credit: Tydal Woody Point

Community and Market Impact

Development Director Alex Black described Tydal as an affordable entry into the coastal lifestyle, contrasting sharply with higher-priced regions in Queensland. The development not only offers exceptional water views and city accessibility but also integrates tranquillity with urban connectivity. 

The Moreton Bay region, including Woody Point and its environs, has attracted considerable attention with property values increasing by approximately 13.7% over the past year, highlighting its growing appeal.

Design and Amenities

Tydal’s architectural design, conceived by Brisbane-based Ellivo Architects, features a softly curved facade that maximizes scenic vistas. Inspired by the coastal environment, the architecture deeply connects with its settings. Residents can enjoy an array of amenities such as a subtropical pool, an outdoor dining and barbecue area, and a private residents’ lounge, enhancing the quality of life within the community.

The construction of Tydal, managed by Traders In Purple’s in-house team, is part of a broader strategy to consistently and sustainably develop the area, with other significant projects like Marin at Scarborough and Orilla progressing towards completion shortly.

Tydal Woody Point
Photo Credit: Tydal Woody Point

Housing Details

The apartments at Tydal vary in size and price, with two-bedroom units starting at $775,000 for sizes between 122 sq m and 141 sq m. The more spacious three-bedroom apartments begin at $1.249 million, ranging from 157 sq m to 194 sq m, offering diverse options for potential residents.

This development not only provides luxurious living options but also plays a crucial role in the revitalization and economic growth of the Moreton Bay area, contributing positively to the local community and its development.

Published 1 July 2024