Woody Point Transformed into Foodie Paradise for 2024 Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival

Woody Point is gearing up for a three-day culinary extravaganza as the Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival (MBFW) returns to Apex Park.

This much-anticipated event, set for 23 to 25 August 2024, transforms Apex Park into a gastronomic paradise, offering visitors a chance to engage with celebrity chefs, savour gourmet delicacies, and enjoy live entertainment against the stunning backdrop of Moreton Bay.

Festival Highlights

The Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival, renowned for its blend of delectable food and drink with picturesque views, promises an unparalleled experience this year. Over 100 vendors will showcase an array of local produce, ensuring there’s something for every palate. The festival boasts several standout features:

Celebrity Chefs

A remarkable lineup of 15 celebrity chefs will grace two massive culinary stages, presenting live demonstrations, tastings, and meet-and-greet opportunities. Notable chefs include Matt Golinski, Adam Liaw, Brent Draper, and Georgia Barnes.

Live Music

Attendees can enjoy performances from over 40 live music acts spread across four stages, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of the waterfront setting.

Special Dining Events

Unique dining experiences, such as the Matt Golinski four-course degustation dinner, and the Bait to Plate dining experience, offer gourmet enthusiasts a chance to indulge in exclusive culinary events.

Themed Zones

Dedicated areas for wine, beers, distilleries, and brews provide a curated selection of beverages to complement the culinary delights.

A Feast for the Senses

From culinary demonstrations to VIP bungalow experiences, the festival ensures that visitors can “Eat, Drink, Enjoy, and Repeat” throughout the event. 

Highlights include:

The Kitchen and The Kitchenette: Hosted by Paul Wheeler and Dominique Rizzo, respectively, these stages will feature cooking showcases and interactive sessions with the chefs.

Diverse Cuisine: Food vendors such as Le_Treatz, Cluck Cluck Boom, OMG Decadent Donuts, and Carlos Tacos will offer a range of delicious options, catering to both traditional tastes and modern culinary trends.

Engage with the Community

The full programme for MBFW 2024 is now available, providing a detailed look at the festival’s offerings. With its impressive line-up of chefs, vendors, and activities, the Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival promises an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

The Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival at Woody Point promises to be an unforgettable celebration of culinary excellence, live entertainment, and community engagement. Whether you’re a food lover, a music enthusiast, or simply looking to enjoy a fun-filled weekend by the bay, this festival has something for everyone. Mark your calendars and get ready to dive into a weekend of indulgence and enjoyment at the heart of Moreton Bay.

Published Date 19-June-2024

Woody Point Transforms into Canine Carnival: Pooches in the Park is Back!

Get ready to unleash the fun! Apex Park in Woody Point will be a haven for hounds and their humans when the much-loved Pooches in the Park event returns.

On Sunday, the 16th of June 2024, from 8:00 a.m. to noon, this free extravaganza promises a paw-some time for all, with activities catering to every canine’s fancy.

Doga enthusiasts can find their zen, while creative canines can express themselves in Pupper Picasso sessions. Looking for love? Doggy-speed dating might just lead to a new furry friend. And for those who appreciate a good tune, a lineup of talented musicians, including David Carr, John Crawford, Beth Lucas, and Tanya Goltz, will be performing live.

Shop, Snack, and Play!

Pooches in the Park isn’t just about fun and games. Pet parents can indulge in some retail therapy at the pet-themed market stalls, which offer everything from fashionable accessories to gourmet treats. Meanwhile, food trucks will be on hand to satisfy hungry tummies, both human and canine.

The Big Dog Pet Foods entertainment precinct will be buzzing with activity, featuring face painting, interactive zones, and more. Whether you’re looking to dance to the beat or simply relax and enjoy the atmosphere, this event has something for everyone.

Mark your calendars, grab your leashes, and head to Apex Park on the 16th of June for a day of furry fun that’s not to be missed!

Published Date 06-June-2024

Woody Point Welcomes 35-Metre Ferris Wheel, Set to Elevate Skyline in Moreton Bay

Woody Point is poised for an exciting addition to its landscape as Skyline Attractions gears up to install a towering 35-metre Ferris wheel in the heart of Moreton Bay.

Skyline Attractions Ferris Wheel
Photo Credit: Skyline Attractions

This monumental attraction, slated to operate for five months, will offer locals and tourists alike an unprecedented vantage point to soak in the breathtaking beauty of the Moreton Bay region.

Skyline Attractions, renowned for its portfolio of giant Ferris wheels across Australia, including those in Melbourne, Glenelg, the Sunshine Coast, and Darwin, is thrilled to expand its reach to Moreton Bay. Jane Jones, a spokesperson for Skyline Attractions, emphasised the company’s collaboration with the Moreton Bay Council, stating that their joint efforts have culminated in this highly anticipated project, poised to delight visitors of all ages.

Ferris Wheel at Moreton Bay
Photo Credit: Skyline Attractions

The Ferris wheel promises to provide awe-inspiring vistas encompassing Moreton Island, Brisbane City, and the wider Moreton Bay region. Ms. Jones highlighted the company’s enthusiasm for introducing this novel attraction to the area, anticipating its popularity among both residents and tourists in the coming months.

With its official opening slated for next Wednesday, 29th of May, the Ferris wheel is set to operate daily from 10:00 a.m. until October. Each of its 24 gondolas can accommodate up to six passengers, ensuring a memorable experience for families and groups. Notably, an accessible gondola has also been incorporated, extending the enjoyment to all.

Skyline Attractions
Photo Credit: Skyline Attractions

Tickets for this exhilarating experience can be purchased at the on-site ticket booth or conveniently pre-booked online through the Skyline Attractions website at www.skylineattractions.com.au.

Published Date 27-May-2024

Redcliffe Skyline Set for Major Transformation with Array of Development Projects

The Redcliffe skyline is slated for further transformation this year as various construction projects gain momentum, reflecting bullish expectations of interest in housing in the area in the coming months.

Orilla (Woody Point)

Last year saw the commencement of groundwork along the waterfront in Woody Point, where Traders In Purple embarked on constructing 32 luxury residences. The newly unveiled Orilla development, soaring eight stories high, has already made waves by setting a price record for the area, with apartments fetching close to $3 million.

Photo Credit: Traders in Purple

In December, Traders In Purple secured approval to erect 175 apartments across two buildings on Gayundah Esplanade, with the project expected to launch mid-year. This development site holds historical significance as it once housed the iconic Palace Hotel, where the Bee Gees performed their maiden paid gig. The hotel, which ceased operations in 2013, fell victim to a devastating fire in 2014.

Gayundah Esplanade
Photo Credit: Traders in Purple

The Redcliffe CBD is currently abuzz with four sizable projects underway, with one already in construction.

99 Sutton St

Anticipated next year, residents will move into an 82-apartment Brisbane Housing Company (BHC) development tailored for older individuals. The seven-story complex at 99 Sutton St will comprise 59 social and 23 affordable one-bedroom apartments catering to those aged 55 and above. These affordable homes are made possible through support from the Queensland Government’s Housing Investment Fund.

Affordable Housing
Photo Credit: MoretonBayRegionalCouncil


Meanwhile, plans for a nine-story residential development at the corner of Sutton St and Creek St are pending commencement. Dubbed Lumiere, the project will feature 14 apartments boasting scenic sea views, along with two ground-floor food and beverage outlets, likely to include a café and restaurant.

Photo Credit: Velcon Enterprises

Former Site of Redcliffe Picture Palace

A stone’s throw away on Redcliffe Parade, the façade of the historic Redcliffe Picture Palace, later known as the Pier Theatre, will be incorporated into an 82-unit apartment block. Originating in 1928, the Palace met a fiery demise in 1943 but was resurrected as the Pier Theatre, with its original façade still gracing Redcliffe Parade

Redcliffe Picture Palace
Photo Credit: MoretonBayRegionalCouncil

Blue Water Square Shopping Centre Revamp

Further revitalisation is on the horizon for the Blue Water Square Shopping Centre, set to undergo a dramatic makeover with the addition of a new 142-room hotel.

Photo Credit: MoretonBayRegionalCouncil

Addressing the region’s demand for short-term accommodations, the eight-story hotel will feature a top-floor bar accessible to guests and the public, a swimming pool, public art installations, and scenic views overlooking Moreton Island.

Aqua (Woody Point)

Lastly, Aqua, an upscale development situated waterfront at Woody Point, is slated for completion this year, introducing six luxury apartments spread across six levels.

Published 22-February-2024

Woody Point: Navigating Disparities Between Affluence and Housing Insecurity

Woody Point is grappling with the escalation of a tent city inhabited by individuals facing housing insecurity. The presence of this encampment at the Gayundah Coastal Arboretum, an area with picturesque views of Moreton Bay, has incited significant concern among residents.

Some community members have voiced fears that this has led to an uptick in crime and anti-social behaviour, affecting the suburb’s tranquillity and safety.

The Woody Point Action Group, a private page on social media, has openly expressed their dissatisfaction, employing harsh language and derogatory terms against the individuals in the tent city.

This highlights a growing divide within the suburb. Residents have been actively petitioning the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the state government, demanding the relocation of those facing housing insecurity from the area, citing concerns over safety and the area’s livability.

Conversely, those living in the tents, like Tamieka Brittnee, have shared stories of facing harassment and abuse. 

Ms Brittnee, who has been without a home since she was 27, has spoken of being targeted and insulted in her makeshift shelter. Her experiences shine a light on the prejudices and challenges faced by individuals without stable housing.

Tent City Woody Point
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Michelle Gilchrist from the Breakfast Club Redcliffe, an organisation that assists those without homes, emphasises the critical nature of the housing shortage. With emergency accommodations at full capacity, many are compelled to find shelter in public areas. This crisis is compounded by a need for more affordable housing, leaving few alternatives for those in need.

The City of Moreton Bay Council has recognised the complexity of this issue and is committed to a comprehensive approach at Woody Point and the housing crisis in general. Collaborating with various levels of government and community groups, the Council seeks to meet the housing needs while maintaining community welfare. Acknowledging a significant rise in the number of individuals without homes over the past decade, they emphasise the importance of a collective response.

“We know that this is a tough situation and Council is seeking to take a balanced approach to maintaining amenity for all, while compassionately responding to people sleeping rough,” a spokesperson said.

“The complex nature of homelessness requires a unified and holistic response across all levels of government, alongside the crucial work by the community and homelessness service sectors.”

Published 20-Dec-2023

NAA Redcliffe Unveils New HMQS Gayundah Memorial

A new HMQS Gayundah memorial has been unveiled by the Naval Association of Australia – Redcliffe Sub Section, coinciding with the 82nd anniversary of the sinking of HMAS Sydney II during World War II.

HMAS Sydney (II)
HMAS Sydney (II)
Photo Credit: Royal Australian Navy

“November 19 is the anniversary of the sinking of the HMAS Sydney II in World War II, and we hold a service each year,” NAA-RSS President Karl Seddon said, as he emphasised the solemnity of the occasion.

HMQS Gayundah

HMQS Gayundah, 1890
HMQS Gayundah, 1890
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The HMQS Gayundah, Queensland’s inaugural naval asset, had twin-screw propulsion, reaching speeds of 10 knots and a range of 1300 kilometers. Armed with significant weaponry, it safeguarded the coastline and pioneered wireless telegraphy in Australia.

After its naval service, the Gayundah transformed, serving in World War I before becoming a sand and gravel barge. Eventually, it found its final resting place in 1958, repurposed as a breakwater by the Moreton Bay Regional Council, concluding a storied maritime legacy.

Remnants of HMQS Gayundah at Woody Point
Remnants of HMQS Gayundah at Woody Point
Photo Credit: visitmoretonbayregion.com.au

Former Moreton Bay Regional Councillor Koliana Winchester and current City of Moreton Bay Councillor Karl Winchester were instrumental in making the new HMQS Gayundah memorial a reality. Seddon expressed heartfelt gratitude, saying, “We’re very grateful to Koliana and to Karl for what they have done to help us get the new memorial.

“It’s somewhere we can hold our remembrances like Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.”

During the ceremony, the Naval Cadet Units TS Moreton Bay and TS Gayundah actively participated. The cadets gave a presentation about the Sydney and the Gayundah. There was the laying of wreaths, a prayer, and the national anthem.

Bruce Stanley, the association’s treasurer, reiterated their commitment to member welfare. “It’s all for the members.

“One of the best days is about doing the Bunnings sausage sizzle and talking to people about what we do. We were involved in their men’s health day too.”

Geoff O’Mara, the association’s secretary, stressed the significance of involving the Cadets in these events. “The memorial’s a place we can come to remember fellow veterans,” O’Mara remarked.

The memorial service took place at the Gayundah Arboretum at Woody Point on November 18. Redcliffe residents gathered in a solemn occasion, reflecting on the legacy of HMQS Gayundah and paying tribute to the brave individuals who served aboard the HMAS Sydney II.

Published 19-November-2023

Spectacular Blubber Jellyfish Swarm Amazes Woody Point Resident

A breathtaking natural phenomenon left Woody Point resident Robert Webber in awe during his daily morning stroll. The serene coastal town witnessed the arrival of an astonishing number of blubber jellyfish, creating a mesmerising spectacle along the jetty area.

Having relocated to Woody Point in the spring of 2022, Mr. Webber was no stranger to the beauty of the area’s coastline. However, the sight of hundreds, if not thousands, of blubber jellyfish congregating near the jetty, at around 9:00 a.m. on 27 Sept 2023, was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

As the jellyfish bloom drifted gracefully in the tranquil waters, Mr. Webber seized the opportunity to capture this stunning display with his camera, sharing the remarkable images with the local community.

“We’re new to the area but have never seen anything like this before,” Mr. Webber exclaimed, clearly captivated by the sight. His awe-inspiring photographs quickly garnered attention on social media platforms, drawing admirers and sparking curiosity about the blubber jellyfish.

Blubber jellyfish, scientifically known as Catostylus mosaicus and commonly referred to as blue bluffer jellyfish, are native to Australia’s east coast. While it is not uncommon to spot these jellyfish in the waters, witnessing such a large gathering is a rare and enchanting experience.

The blubber jellyfish’s sting is known to be painful but generally poses no serious risk to humans. Their tentacles are equipped with specialized cells called nematocysts, which contain tiny harpoon-like structures used for capturing prey and deterring potential threats. While a blubber jellyfish’s sting can be uncomfortable, it is not considered life-threatening to humans and typically results in mild irritation.

Local marine experts are intrigued by the congregation of blubber jellyfish in such large numbers. While the exact cause of this phenomenon remains uncertain, factors such as water temperature, current patterns, and the availability of prey are believed to influence their movement and clustering behavior.

Published 30-Sept-2023

Rampant Thefts Leave Redcliffe and Woody Point Residents on Edge

An alarming surge of thefts has swept through Redcliffe and Woody Point. With thefts often targeting high-value items like e-bikes, concerns have arisen about the adequacy of law enforcement resources to combat the escalating crime. 

Two residents – one is a former police officer – of the Waters Edge apartment complex at 18 Woodcliffe Crescent had first-hand experience of this distressing reality. On the morning of 1 August 2023, they discovered that their bicycles and personal items, securely stored in basement lockers, had disappeared overnight, leaving them shocked by the breach of their presumed safety.  

According to their accounts, the alleged thief executed a well-planned heist. Under the cover of the night on 31 July, the offender exploited a plastic mesh in the basement car park, gaining unauthorised access to the storage area. 

Once inside, the alleged offender took one of the resident’s blue e-bike and returned after three hours, this time equipped with loading trolleys, stealing another bicycle and an assortment of belongings.

The security footage captured the thief’s brazen escape. Riding the stolen bicycles, laden with stolen goods in their baskets, the suspect quickly disappeared into a nearby park.

The residents turned to social media, circulating a photograph of the alleged thief on various Redcliffe community Facebook pages. The response was swift and supportive, with fellow victims recognizing the familiar face.

Police authorities have confirmed the allegations, revealing a pattern of break-ins targeting both apartment complexes and standalone homes in Woody Point.

Among them, a vehicle was stolen from Lilla Street, where the thieves exploited an unlocked residence to access keys and flee with the car. Although the stolen vehicle was eventually found on August 5 in Margate, the investigation remains ongoing.

Reports also emerged of stolen property from a carpark at a Sutton Street unit complex in Redcliffe, as well as claims of looted items from a Woody Point unit complex on the night of 31 July. Initial findings suggest a group of thieves gained entry to the storage area and escaped with various items.

The prevailing sentiment of vulnerability strikes a chord with affected residents, who despite living in seemingly secure apartment complexes, find themselves exposed to this escalating thievery.

Published 14-August-2023