The Rustic Olive Reopens in New Redcliffe Location

The Rustic Olive

The much-loved Italian restaurant, The Rustic Olive, is now open to the public at its new, more expansive location at 75 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe.

After 12 years in its original venue, the restaurant has moved a few doors down to a site with a larger street and water frontage, promising an enhanced dining experience for its loyal patrons.

The new location, first unveiled at a soft opening in late May 2024, features a warm and inviting atmosphere. The design incorporates thoughtful lighting and timber accents, creating an ambience that feels both spacious and intimate. The layout is more open, allowing for comfortable indoor and alfresco dining. This fresh setting exceeded owner Sam Ayache’s expectations, marking a significant milestone in the restaurant’s 17-year journey in Redcliffe.

Ayache, who has been the visionary behind The Rustic Olive since its inception, expressed immense satisfaction with the transformation. The new venue encapsulates his vision of blending outdoor charm with indoor warmth. The team of builders and tradespeople, whom Ayache credits for their exceptional work, have successfully created a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

During the soft opening, guests were visibly impressed by the revamped restaurant. The feedback highlighted the establishment’s elevated standard, with many attendees noting the high bar set for dining in Redcliffe. The restaurant maintains the same number of tables as the previous location, but the more spread-out arrangement ensures a more comfortable dining experience. Additionally, relocating the kitchen to the back has resulted in a quieter main dining area, enhancing the overall dining atmosphere.

The strategic corner location of the new venue also simplifies the process for customers picking up takeaway orders. While the menu and operating hours will remain unchanged for the next few months, Ayache plans to introduce a new beverage list and a bar menu to be served between lunch and dinner. Although The Rustic Olive is now licenced, it will continue to offer a BYO option for those who prefer to bring their own alcohol.

Plans include opening on Tuesday nights and expanding the restaurant’s accessibility to its customers. Ayache expressed gratitude towards his team, comprising both long-standing and new staff members, for their hard work in making the move seamless. Bookings will be limited initially as the team settles into the new space and manages the expected high demand.

The lease at the original site’s expiration and the opportunity provided by the availability of the former ERA Bar building were two factors that influenced the decision to move to the new location. Ayache saw this move as a necessary evolution for The Rustic Olive, providing a fresh challenge and an opportunity to enhance the dining experience for the next decade.

Despite the excitement of the new chapter, the move comes with a sense of nostalgia. The original site holds sentimental value for both the staff and the patrons, who have made countless memories there over the past 12 years. However, the team is enthusiastic about the new opportunities and the potential to continue delighting customers in the updated setting.

Ayache believes that adapting to modern changes is crucial for the restaurant’s continued success. He feels fortunate to have a dedicated team that shares his passion for delivering delicious food and outstanding service. As The Rustic Olive settles into its new home, the essence of the restaurant—its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction—remains steadfast.

The Rustic Olive’s reopening at 75 Redcliffe Parade marks the beginning of an exciting new phase, promising to continue its tradition of excellence in a refreshed, contemporary environment.

Published Date 25-June-2024