Woody Point Welcomes 35-Metre Ferris Wheel, Set to Elevate Skyline in Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay Skyline Attraction

Woody Point is poised for an exciting addition to its landscape as Skyline Attractions gears up to install a towering 35-metre Ferris wheel in the heart of Moreton Bay.

Skyline Attractions Ferris Wheel
Photo Credit: Skyline Attractions

This monumental attraction, slated to operate for five months, will offer locals and tourists alike an unprecedented vantage point to soak in the breathtaking beauty of the Moreton Bay region.

Skyline Attractions, renowned for its portfolio of giant Ferris wheels across Australia, including those in Melbourne, Glenelg, the Sunshine Coast, and Darwin, is thrilled to expand its reach to Moreton Bay. Jane Jones, a spokesperson for Skyline Attractions, emphasised the company’s collaboration with the Moreton Bay Council, stating that their joint efforts have culminated in this highly anticipated project, poised to delight visitors of all ages.

Ferris Wheel at Moreton Bay
Photo Credit: Skyline Attractions

The Ferris wheel promises to provide awe-inspiring vistas encompassing Moreton Island, Brisbane City, and the wider Moreton Bay region. Ms. Jones highlighted the company’s enthusiasm for introducing this novel attraction to the area, anticipating its popularity among both residents and tourists in the coming months.

With its official opening slated for next Wednesday, 29th of May, the Ferris wheel is set to operate daily from 10:00 a.m. until October. Each of its 24 gondolas can accommodate up to six passengers, ensuring a memorable experience for families and groups. Notably, an accessible gondola has also been incorporated, extending the enjoyment to all.

Skyline Attractions
Photo Credit: Skyline Attractions

Tickets for this exhilarating experience can be purchased at the on-site ticket booth or conveniently pre-booked online through the Skyline Attractions website at www.skylineattractions.com.au.

Published Date 27-May-2024