Mousetrap Theatre: In Search of a Temporary Home Amidst Uncertainty

For close to six decades, Mousetrap Theatre – a renowned arts venue situated in Redcliffe – has served as a haven for theatre enthusiasts. However, its path forward is now shrouded in uncertainty.

The theatre, located on Lamington Drive in Redcliffe, was closed last year due to structural deficiencies that rendered the building unsafe. Recent estimates indicate that repairs would cost over $2 million, including immediate structural repairs and long-term remediation work to bring the venue up to code. However, the Moreton Bay Regional Council has decided against repairing the building and instead plans to invest in a detailed feasibility study to explore Mousetrap Theatre’s future options.

Although a community performing arts facility is needed on the Redcliffe Peninsula, the pressing concern at present is to find Mousetrap Theatre a temporary home. Unfortunately, the process of securing a new location has been slow, causing uncertainty and disruption for the theatre group. Moving from venue to venue not only confuses their audience but also poses challenges due to the lack of specialised theatrical facilities in community venues.

The Mouse Trap president, Karen Matthews, expressed the group’s determination to continue as a theatre community despite the difficult circumstances. However, the lack of a home base and the need to store equipment off-site if they have to vacate the current premises have added to their struggles.

Mousetrap Theatre
Photo Credit: Facebook / Mousetrap Theatre Co. Inc.

To emphasise the importance of finding a new home, Mousetrap Theatre Group has launched a petition that has garnered nearly 1,000 signatures. The hope is to demonstrate to the council, beyond just Councillor Karl Winchester, how crucial it is to secure a permanent location.

Cr Winchester assured the group that finding them a temporary home was the council’s top priority. Various venues have been suggested by Mousetrap Theatre members and will be considered. The council understands the group’s desire to remain in Redcliffe and have a dedicated space. Efforts will be made to accommodate these requirements.

The challenges of a temporary space lie in finding suitable storage for props, costumes, and technical equipment until a permanent solution is found. However, there is hope that with a solid concept and plan in place, state and federal funding could be attracted to create a more substantial arts precinct, ensuring a sustainable future for Mousetrap Theatre.

Published 19-May-2023