Show Your Support For Redcliffe Hospital on Giving Day

Have you or a loved one ever received a new lease on life at Redcliffe Hospital? On October 12, you can give back to the place that has given so much to this community through the Redcliffe Hospital Giving Day.

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The Redcliffe Hospital Giving Day is a chance to support the doctors, nurses, and staff who provide excellent care every day. Your donation will directly help the facility improve equipment, resources, and services for local patients. Funds raised on Giving Day will go towards bringing new and cutting-edge technology to the hospital. 

Redcliffe Hospital Giving Day is the flagship event for Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital, a joint effort between the RBWH Foundation and Redcliffe Hospital to raise funds. On this special day, all donations to Redcliffe Hospital will be matched by Giving Day Impact Partners, doubling the impact of each contribution.

Far more than a hospital, Redcliffe is the heartbeat of the entire Moreton Bay region. Its caring staff have guided countless babies into the world, healed families in their times of greatest need, and walked hand-in-hand with patients facing the unknown.

Photo credit: Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital/Facebook

For local nurse Kerbi Davis, who is now a Nurse Manager at the hospital, Redcliffe was her rock and refuge. After 10 years at the hospital she considered family, Ms Davis was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 28. 

Throughout her treatment, the staff supported her with a kindness she will never forget. And miraculously, just months after finishing chemotherapy, she found out she was pregnant.

When it came time to decide where to deliver her baby, there was really only one option that made sense to her – Redcliffe Hospital. She had complete confidence that the hospital’s staff and facilities would provide the best possible birthing experience for her and her baby.

Ms Davis (first from left) with other nurses at Redcliffe Hospital (Photo credit: Metro North Health/Facebook)

She chose Metro North Health, the public health district that includes Redcliffe, as her provider network.

According to Ms Davis, being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age meant fertility was a huge worry. She considered it miraculous that she was able to conceive naturally despite her condition.

Ms Davis was met with yet another miracle when her baby Finn was only 3 months old – a clear PET scan showing no cancer recurrence.

With her second chance cradled in her arms, it was only natural Ms Davis returned to Redcliffe for care as she stepped into motherhood. The hospital was right by her side, welcoming the new life they had helped save.

This Giving Day, Ms Davis urges the community to give as Redcliffe gave to her – with generosity, compassion, and dedication. Your donation will help the hospital continue providing its life-changing care, whilst expressing your gratitude.

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If you want to learn more about the Giving Day for Redcliffe Hospital, visit

Published 10-October-2023

Be Part of Redcliffe Giving Day 2023 and Help Double the Difference

Did you know that generous Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital partners will be doubling all donations received between 1 September and 12 October 2023 as part of the annual Redcliffe Giving Day fundraising initiative?

Giving Day is an annual fundraising event for Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital, organised by Redcliffe Hospital in partnership with RBWH Foundation. Funds raised will help support the hospital’s patient care, health research, staff wellbeing and other healthcare initiatives.

In 2022, a research study was partly funded by the Giving Day. The initiative, which aimed at helping hospital patients who will undergo surgeries make healthy pre-operative lifestyle changes, was overseen by Senior Dietitian Alyce Nissen. Particularly, the study sought to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption whilst enhancing nutrition and addressing iron deficiency concerns.

“The key will be to empower patients by allowing them to complete a self-generated screening survey and then take ownership of the recommendations,” said Ms Nissen.

Donate at Redcliffe Giving Day 2023 and Double the Difference
Palliative Care Unit’s renovation project | Photo Credit:  Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital /

For this year’s event, the priority funding will go towards the Palliative Care Unit’s renovation project. The renovation will involve the common areas to make patients with life-limiting illness and their visitors more comfortable during their stay.

Simone Garske, CEO of the RBWH Foundation, said that the project aims to provide the unit with a homely atmosphere for patients and their visitors. 

“We want to add a touch of home to the unit so patients and visitors can enjoy quality time together,” said RBWH Foundation CEO Simone Garske. 

“Palliative Care has a special role in our community and by giving together, we can enhance this experience for hundreds of people every year.”

You can take part in this event for a cause on 12 October 2023. There will be activities and fundraising teams at both Redcliffe Hospital and 99.7 Bridge FM Park – 75 Anzac Ave, Redcliffe (next to the Museum).

You can, however, make donations as early as now as all donations made via the website from 1 September to 12 October 2023 will be doubled by Giving Day partners.

The following payment methods are accepted via the website:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

If you wish to donate via cheque, please contact Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital / RBWH Foundation on 1300 363 786 or email

Published 27-September-2023